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NYE – Great Gatsby party

I had a fabulous time in NYC, catching up with lots of friends.

Just a few of the photos:

my lovely hosts

love these girls
how was everyone’s NYE?
What exciting things are going on this week?

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my amtrak travel tips

Sunday, I took the train back to Boston from NY and had probably the most pleasant travel experience possible. (we’ll ignore the fact the train was 20 min late)   During the 4 hours I spent on the train, I realize that Amtrak travel is something I have a lot of experience with. I’ve taken a LOT of trains, spent excessive amounts of time in Penn Station, & picked up a few tricks over the years.

So here are my tips on the best possible Amtrak trip:

1. Buy your tickets in advance – tickets are significantly cheaper 14 days in advance.

2. If it’s a high traffic weekend, pick up tickets in advance or get there real early – I’ve learned this the hard way. The last thing you want is to be waiting in line at the ticket machine if your train is about to pull away. The email printout does NOT get you on the train.

3. Go downstairs for the track announcement – my favorite tip for sure. When they announce the track number, everyone runs and creates a mob scene to get on the escalator. Instead of joining the crowd, go downstairs before they announce the track #. If you stand at the bottom of the main stairs, you can see the giant board & there are stairs to each track with NO people. This means stress free boarding and bonus – you’ll be one of the first people on train.


4. Take the Acela if your arrival is time sensitive – The Acela arrives on time significantly more frequently than the regional. I’ve only had a few trips that were drastically delayed but they were pretty miserable.

5. Wear layers – the temperature is pretty unpredictable. Sometimes it switches from hot to cold multiple times in one ride. Be ready for it.  Sunday, I wore short sleeves and had to dig a sweater out of the bottom of my suitcase mid-ride. That was really fun.

6. Find the quiet car – I love the quiet car & every train has one. I don’t want to listen to the guy having a conference call or the college freshman heading back to school recapping the weekend for her roommate. Unless I’m traveling with someone, I’m a headphones in, mind-my-own-business traveler.

7. Bring your own food & beverages – yes, the cafe car is a wonderful thing, but its wayyy cheaper and usually healthier to bring your own.  20111027-150825.jpgthere is now a Chickpea in Penn Station. makes me veryy happy. this was delic.


Any other tips? What are your preferred modes of travel?

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Yesterday, I scheduled my post to go up right before I would be heading to brunch. Little did I know that instead, I’d be researching urgent care clinics that were open on Sundays, in hopes of avoiding the ER. So much fun right?

I found CityMD online, gathered up all my stuff, in anticipation of spending the entire afternoon, and Chrissy & I trekked to the Upper East Side.

Somehow Chrissy managed to split her baby toe right in the crease. The doctor called it a deep separation between the toe and foot. It looked me more like someone tried to cut her toe off. Gross.

We saw 2 doctors who cleaned out her foot, prescribed some antibiotics, answered all her questions, kindly provided a delightful set of crutches & set us on our way. All in an hour and a half.


Chrissy is obviously thrilled to be at Duane Reade getting her prescription filled.

We got her meds & got back to her apartment just in time for me to head to Penn Station. Delightful way to spend a Sunday..

At the end of the day though, she’s okay and the whole experience wasn’t bad. If you’re ever in need of a doctor after hours or on the weekend. I absolutely recommend CityMD. They were friendly, efficient, thorough and even have a great (and clean) office. Urgent care clinics make me nervous. This place was excellent.


Now I’m back in Boston, back to normal.  I packed up my clothes this morning with every intention of going to spinning this afternoon. Time for class rolled around and I wasn’t feeling it. So I headed out for a run instead.

It’s gorgeous out.






Definitely wasn’t one of my best runs. Since I was planning on spinning, I brought an old pair of sneakers. My shins weren’t having it, so I had to walk half way through. Lesson learned. Old sneakers are a terrible plan. It was a perfect fall day though, so it was nice just to be out and running.


Who had a better Sunday than we did? Everyone I hope.

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After spending a few hours on the bus on Friday and picking up our race numbers, Breen, Chrissy, & I headed out to Brooklyn. We checked in to the hotel, scouted out the scene for breakfast & coffee. The hotel didn’t have a restaurant so realized that breakfast was going to be a challenge. (obviously I didn’t want to mess with the pre-race routine).

We walked over to Monte’s for dinner & hoped we’d find a breakfast solution on the way. No go.

The restaurant is a super cute neighborhood Italian place.

it may be the night before a race but we can have a glass, right?

I ❤ carbs. The bread was so so good – flavorful & moist
We split the Caprese salad. Chrissy & I both ordered the whole wheat penne in an almond pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes.


Breen went with the Paccheri (eggplant, fresh plum tomato and shaved ricotta salata)

Everything was fantastic!

We took a different route back to the hotel & spotted this!

yayyyyy!!! Glorious find.

we walked into this place at 10pm & asked for bagels with peanut butter on the side & to go. totally normal.

Then yesterday after the race, we met up with my aunt & uncle for brunch at the Spotted Pig. Its one of my favorite places in NY.

Net went with the Dutch Baby with House Smoked Bacon & Maple Syrup

Breen got the Two Poached Eggs with Suckling Pig Hash

I really just can’t go without getting the burger: Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestrings


yayy Net & Frank!  so good to see you guys 🙂

One more fantastic meal before I catch the train back to Boston!

have a fabulous Sunday friends!

What’d you all do this weekend? 

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a nearly perfect race morning.

good morninggg Brooklyn.

standard bagel & peanut butter.

slight debacle with the coffee situation. Hotel says coffee starts at 6 in the lobby and there was none. They didn’t even offer to make any. Come on now.  Unhappy runners

Chrissy & Breen- little chillywe’re ready to runlining up in Corral 5

Course was a little hilly but pretty.  Hills felt surprisingly okay though. I never run hills but Philly will be hilly so I’m glad it wasn’t flat. I’m not usually a fan of running loops but it worked.

Semi-ridiculous that in the 4 years I lived in NY, I’d never been to Prospect Park

The miles went by fairly quickly. I felt pretty good, like I was going at a solid pace.

RunMeter says I ran 6.4 which cant be right & the splits came out at

mile 1: 9:25
mile 2: 9:13
mile 3: 8:51
mile 4: 9:06
mile 5: 8:50
mile 6: 8:34
mile 6.2: 9:46

(I find it really hard to believe that I slowed down like that at the end)

OFFICIAL TIME: 57:02  pace – 9:11

and we’re done!! 
I love pretty medals

SO SO excited that I broke 60 minutes.

It amazes me that 2 weeks ago I ran a 1:04:25 and this morning I ran 7 minutes faster.

dominated Brooklyn!

I’ll recap last night’s fantastic dinner and this morning’s post-race brunch tomorrow.

anyone else race this morning? or tomorrow? 


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different person?

I spent 4 years in NY. I loved the city, the energy, pretty much everything about it. I missed it after only a few days.


I went back this past weekend & it all felt different. I honestly thought NY would always have that magic, but this time I just didn’t feel it.

I still love my friends, please don’t confuse the two. I had a great time with them, I just wasn’t feeling the city in the same way. Maybe it wasn’t the city’s fault, maybe my head was just in the wrong place. But I didn’t feel at home there. I couldn’t even imagine myself living there.

via pinterest

Why did I feel so out of place?

How did it feel right for so long?

Have I really changed that much?

Was I really a different person then?

Maybe the love will reemerge next time?

I hope.

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and I’m back!

I’m back from NY!

Friday – we went to Barrio Chino for dinner. I took all of 3 pictures.

these drink menus were on the back of corona boxes. ha.

could you two be any cuter?

pretty friends


Sunday – there was lots of beer. football in brooklyn with the ladiesand more pretty friends.


Monday – I met up with Lissy for lunch & stopped by the old office to say hello.

20110927-223259.jpgthen I grabbed this & trekked to half the H&M’s in the city looking for boots

No dice. very sad.

20110927-223316.jpglove Madison Square Park.

Met Lauren for a drink at Markt.


Photos? wine yes. Lauren no. Obviously that makes sense..

Then, there was this.

20110927-223329.jpgcheck out this wall. so fun.

I met my friend Ken for a drink at Revival on 15th btwn Third & Irving.

Obviously I didn’t take any pictures of him or the super cute patio but this I got.

Considering I was there for almost 4 days, picture fail. But I saw lots of fun people, ate some great food & somehow managed go hangover free.

Success 🙂


& Happy Birthday Christina!!

hope you had a fantastic day. (pics of tonight, tomorrow :))

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