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borrowed from the HLS facebook page

1. strangers aren’t that scary. I went into this nervous as you all know, because I’d never met anyone else that was attending. I arrived at the hotel, checked in at the front desk, and made a friend waiting for the elevator. Took a whole 5 minutes.
Nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who went without friends. So glad I went!


2. Dawn Jackson Blatner is the author of The Flexitarian Diet. Her message was about R.A.W. Realistic & Achievable Wellness. I know meat isn’t awesome for me, but I like it. I could never be a vegetarian, nevermind a vegan. I respect those who go down that route, but it isn’t for me. So in her words, I’m not anti-meat, I’m pro-plants. I’m intrigued, Dawn.


3. You don’t feel defensive unless you have something to be defensive about. – Julie


4. Only put things out in the world that you’re willing to stand behind. This probably isn’t something I learned, more something I was reminded of.


5. When dealing with negativity: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? – Heather

I like the way she phrases it. Ask yourself those 3 questions before you respond to someone who makes you feel less than warm and fuzzy. (not that I’ve had to deal with a lot of blog negativity)


6. If there is someone you want to meet, just do it.  I was a little shy when it came to introducing myself to many of the bloggers that I read. Why?  I’m not really sure. I thought everyone was trying to meet them and didn’t want to be annoying? It was awkward, so I avoided it?  They were busy talking to people they already knew?  Who knows.

I should’ve sucked it up and done it.  Some of them were good about talking to the newbies and some weren’t. So I just assumed they weren’t interested in meeting me.  Probably not accurate.  Thinking about it now, imagine what its like to be in a room with 200 people who know lots of details about your life and you have no idea who they are.. awkward? yeah.    So next time..


and one random not-so-HLS-related lesson:

7. if you open/unhook bracelets, they don’t set off the metal detector.


this = serious crazy pat down from the scary security ladies while all my stuff clogs the scanner belt and I get the stare down from the dude who stuff is after mine. sorryyy


unhook bracelets = casual stroll through the metal detector. smile. retrieve stuff.

dear boston security guy –
thank you for kindly letting me know that I don’t need to volunteer for the body scanner.
love, alli


I’m feeling prettyyy motivated this week, my friends. Renewed desire to get my butt in gear. So I’m back on the training plan. Week 1 wasn’t so hot last week. Week 2 is going fairly well.

On the food front – preparation is everything. Having food & a plan of what to do with it is key. So I bought a container of strawberries at Whole Foods the other night, broke out my super strawberry slicer and planned out a few days worth of breakfast.

20110824-113147.jpgstrawberries 20110824-113229.jpglove grown granola – simply oats.  Thanks Tina!
20110824-113242.jpgadd some greek yogurt. deliciousness on my desk.

3 days in a row. addiction possible.

pretty sure I’m out of all 3 of those ingredients now though. sad.


now if only I made as much effort with dinner last night. oops.
I swear I’ll stop talking about HLS now.


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HLS Part 3 – Sunday

Saturday night was so much fun! I stayed out pretty late, having a crazy dance party with a bunch of seriously awesome bloggers.

So Sunday morning’s 8am fun run seemed awfully early. 7am wake up, not ideal.

Most of us ended up walking and talking through some of the touristy parts of Philly. Much better plan than running.

love this 🙂 rocky!I’m ashamed to say I ran the steps but I’ve never even watched the movie. alli fail. must add to movie list.

philly was fantastic. Before I knew it, it was over.

I had so much fun.

Met so many phenomenal people.

Have soo many more blogs I want to read.

and headed home feeling inspired, in blogging, in fitness, in everything..

Off to the airport & reality.
but one more cocktail first. 😉

I can’t wait until next year!

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holy photos. so many!

Saturday morning – Breakfast started at 8.  Excited for it all to begin!

Agendabreakfast was sponsored by attune foods – loved these coasters.

I enjoy all types of happy hour 🙂

lots of bloggers!we started with an ice breaker.  then I went to Stepfanie’s session on Writing a Better Recipesuper informative! now I just need to come up with a few alli-originals.

then Dawn Jackson Blatner gave a great talk on Action Mantra’sBrittany, Heather, Julie & Courtney inspired everyone to Rise Above the Negativity. Lessons learned:    Your blog is your castle, you can rule it however you please.     We can use whatever lens we want to see and share our lives.

Tina, Lisa, Janeetha & Beth talked about numbers. focus on the things you can control. numbers can motivate but also make you crazy. check in with yourself & what works for you.

oh hey friends! Kristy, me, & Holly

After the last session, a group of us wandered back over to Reading Terminal Market to check it out while its open. I could’ve taken a thousand pics, but instead you get sign & flowers. pretty
liberty bell!!I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen the Liberty Bell. Glad we made it during the jam-packed weekendabout ten of us ended up at The Corner for dinner. Super cute. Sangria was excellent – just what I needed after a looong and informative day these little cornbreads were fantastic – soft, fluffy, buttery

I ordered the corner burger – it was good but nothing blog-worthy

diana & kelly

no one touched their food without snapping photos first. I love it. The table next to us thought we were crazy.

delic margarita at the loews hotel
everyone else’s pretty cocktails

and that was Saturday!!

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HLS Part 1 – Friday

I have so much to catch up on. There is no way I can put this weekend into 1 post.

Friday morning – I got up for a 5 miler.  I almost always run the Esplanade, but decided I needed to explore more, so I set out to the Harborwalk.

I didn’t know it existed but recently read it was a great route, so needed to check it out.

It was great. My only negative was that when I got over by the aquarium & seaport, super crowded.  Not a big fan of tourist-dodging.  but what can you do?

Back home & ready to head to Healthy Living Summit. I was excited & nervous at the same time, but trying not to think about it too much.

bags are packed.

some high quality plane-reading, less than awesome snacks

I arrived at the hotel about 4:30, registration ended at 5, so went straight there, then headed to the room.



then the real fun begins.

I got ready for the cocktail party and take pictures of myself? since thats what people without roommates do?!

met up with these fabulous ladies to walk over.

Kristy & Holly  (photo courtesy of Kristy)

It was held at the Reading Terminal Market – which was super cute, reminded me of Cross St Market in Baltimore, but much bigger & well.. closed.

can you find me?

I met soo many fun people!
It was really reassuring to know that a lot of us showed up not knowing anyone.
Stephanie, me, Allison, Kristy, Holly & Brittney   (photo courtesy of Kristy)

Katie will tell you how crazy it is to take pictures of bloggers though. So many cameras!! I love this.
(another photo courtesy of Kristy)

Tomorrow I’ll get Saturday & Sunday up.
I have so much more to talk about but not tonight.

I’m excited to be home
(and not delayed, so sorry for those of you who are stuck in philly :()
I’m unpacked and seriously need some food in this apt. so off to Whole Foods.

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pre-HLS nerves

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m getting on a plane to Philadelphia to spend the weekend with a bunch of strangers.

When tickets to the Healthy Living Summit went on sale, I consciously didn’t try to get one. I was curious. I thought about it, but it sounded like one of those ideas I get super excited about for a whole 10 minutes.

A few days later – after reading all the hype, all the excitement, after getting a preview into how many fantastic people were going to be there, I started to regret my decision.

And then someone backed out.

Someone needed to sell their ticket, so I JUMPED. on my birthday, interestingly enough, I got a ticket.

Why do I want to go to this?

1. I love blogging & this is a great opportunity to learn

2. Its run by a phenomenal group, whose blogs I read. (if you read blogs, you know how exciting it is to get to meet them)

3. There is an incredible community of people who are passionate about healthy living and balance. I want to be a part of it.

4. Why not?!

Safe to admit that I’m pretty nervous. Not knowing anyone is going to be awkward at first. But I’m really hoping awkward moves towards fantastic pretty quickly.

Really excited.


was pretty excited about this as well, but HLS definitely wins.


if you haven’t been to Falafel King, GO NOW. holy wonderfulness. mmm

plus maybe HLS will inspire me to actually take pictures when I leave the house. So far this week:

  • I went to Toscano for Restaurant Week lunch. DELIC! no pics to prove it.
  • I had a wine date with Christina. Always a fun time but no pics to share.

blogger fail.


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this is what I ate for dinner last night. because every post needs photos 🙂


I can’t believe its August already.  I know, I know.. everyone says that.  I can’t believe I’ve lived in Boston over 6 months already..  it feels like I just got here. but at the same time, NY feels like a loong time ag0.

new month means its time for goals!

Goals for July – recap

1. get to 12 miles  – done. realll ugly. but I did it.

2. take lots of pictures  – I think did a pretty good job?   I tried.

3. spend some QT with baby mac – oh yes. accomplished. i am in love. with charlie. and finn too.

4. do yoga once a week –  uhh. fail. I don’t think I did yoga even once. (I did buy a groupon for 5 classes though! pretty sure that doesn’t count here)

5. get to the pool – I did!  only once, but I got there. I predict more pool time in August..

mmm. pink smoothie.




goals for august

1. HALF MARATHON – aug 7. – 7am. READYYYY

2. try hot yoga – groupon purchased. just need to get there.

3. join gym or commit to strength training on my own –  I really need to start cross training more. strictly running is only going to get me injured.

4. have an amazing time at HLS.  – I don’t know a soul. I read their blogs. This community inspires me. Its time to meet them & have a fantastic time.


what are your goals?

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June 30!

June flew by. Is it just me or was that fast?!

This morning’s run was far better (and less eventful) than Tuesdays. awesome. 
I even ran a tad faster, without realizing. 🙂  I love that that happens.

plus it was a gorgeous morning.

As you may or may not recall.. at the beginning of this month, I gave myself a handful of goals.  Given that the month is just about over, we’ll see how I did on those.

1. get up to 7.5 miles
           CHECK!   I actually went 7.8 miles without realizing. Apparently my runmeter app & mapmyrun weren’t totally in sync, but when it works in my favor. I’ll take it!!
2. commit to the half marathon
           CHECK!  only 5 weeks to go. Excited!
3. have a fantastic birthday
           CHECK!  so so good.
4. take Boston pictures
            ehhh. I took some. like a handful.
5. fully convert to my Mac.
            check.  I use my mac exclusively but I still have yet to transfer any of my pictures from my PC.  need to get on that.

I also had a behind the scenes goal to up my blogging & be more consistent which I did for the most part. PLUS 
I scored a ticket for the Healthy Living Summit, which is hosted by a bunch of my favorite bloggers. Super excited!
happy thursday kids!  only 24 hours til a 4.5 day weekend!!

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