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Just a couple pics of the race yesterday..


its cold, still ready

the only pic of me actually running

finish line

and DONE ūüôā

probably should've actually added ice..

Today, I’m a little stiff, a little sore, but overall, feeling pretty good.


hhappy monday friends! 



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Last weekend’s 12-miler had me pretty confident all week. I didn’t stress going into this weekend. ¬†I decided that 2:15 was my goal. 2:10 might be in reach. ¬†(trying to beat my 2:22 from August) ¬†So I’m aiming for a solid 7 minute PR..

Yesterday’s wind make me nervous. ¬†Gusts so hard, you hoped to stand your ground, never mind keep moving. ¬†As of when I went to bed last night the forecast for today looked like this:

no thanks.

How do you dress for that kind of wind? I have no idea. That was probably my biggest concern this morning.

I put on a long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, vest, tights, gloves.   I ended up taking the windbreaker & gloves off mid-way.

The race was pretty well organized, though I should’ve picked up my bib yesterday. The hotel was a MOB SCENE this morning. No line, but almost impossible to get it & out of the building – people everywhere. Plenty of porta-potties outside though and the race started on time, which is always good.

at the start

It was a little crowded at the beginning especially at the turns, but with 4200 half-marathoners, I don’t think thats avoidable. ¬†I lined up by the 10:00 min sign. People went out FAST. I had to make a conscious effort to stay at 9:30. For the first two miles or so, I felt like everyone was flying by me. ¬†I had to remind myself repeatedly not to get sucked into the pack, settled into a comfortable pace and just went.

Miles 2-8 were comfortable, a little windy at times, few small hills, but good.

A little after hitting 8.5, I saw 1:20 on my Garmin. It took me a minute to realize it, but if I kept that pace, I’d be on track to finish just over 2 hours. INSANITY. I’m aiming for 2:15. ¬†I knew I couldn’t hold my sub 9:30 pace for 4.5 more miles though. There was just no way, but I was on track for a serious PR.

Mile 9, I was excited.

At mile 10, I started to struggle. By 11, I was dying a little. ¬†By 12, I just wanted it to be over. ¬†Those last 3 miles were brutal. I took a few walking breaks, yet somehow my splits aren’t that much slower. ¬†Surprised, but I’ll take it.

Official results Р2:07:56 


that’s a PR by 14 minutes.

14 minutes!! 

Needless to say, I’m excited. I’m going to be in pain tomorrow, but soo worth it ūüôā

Panera for lunch and a Fribble for the ride back to Boston. amazing.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a few more pics to share¬†that my Dad took of the race.


Congrats Dawn on your killer 12 minute PR!!


any other PR’s out there? ¬†Congrats to everyone who ran!!


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February goals

oh hello friends.

another month begins.  February is my least favorite month, for a bunch of reasons.

1. its cold and snowy

2. there’s little hope of it being not-cold anytime soon

3.¬†the year isn’t new anymore. excitement is gone.

4. no long weekends

Yet, this year – its really not that cold. There is no snow.

oh hello legs! oh yeah - I ran in shorts tonight. It was glorious

Maybe spring is coming soon?! please. ¬†and I finally work for company that respects the Presidents. (but not MLK oddly enough?! but I’ll take what I can get) ¬†So yeah, I’m thinking that maybe this February is going to be less depressing than I remember every other Feb being. ¬† Let’s hope.

February goals –

1. PR in Hyannis – Since I didn’t run in Philly, 2:22 is still my one & only for the half. ¬†I need to crush it.

2. Buy & make something with kale – I’ve eaten kale once and liked it. Given that its like a crazy super veggie, I want to work it in more. Yet, I never buy it. If I put in writing, I might get that done.

3.¬†keep running outside – Not only is running outside better for racing, but its probably better for my head too. let’s hope the weather keeps cooperating.

4. twice a week yoga – ¬†I’ve been good at once a week, but I really want to get there twice. Once at the gym, and once hot yoga at the new studio, which I did try last night. It was good. ¬†I forgot how hot & sweaty heated classes are. Excited to go back.

5. commit to a March race – one race a month, right? ¬† the race I was looking at is morning after St. Patrick’s Day. ¬†Does that sound like the best idea I’ve ever had? No. ¬†I have a few alternatives in mind, but I need to figure it out and register.


who’s running super sunday¬†this weekend? ¬†hyannis in a few weeks?
any fun goals this month?


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Yesterday, I made two fantastic decisions.

1. I didn’t run. I meant to. I wanted to. I forgot my orthotics at home. So instead I got on the elliptical for 45 minutes and was nice to the foot.

2. I registered for the Hyannis Half Marathon.  Committed. Love it.

#2 is overdue.


and I made tempeh tacos.

with ingredients I already had, because I refuse to go grocery shopping. ūüôā

Were they good? yes.

Fantastic? Eh, I don’t know if I’d go that far.


What’s¬†my game plan¬†for today?

1. run outside at lunch

2. some kind of lasagna for dinner

3. clean my apt

4. make hummus


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Friday, I ran for the first time in weeks.

Today, I took a look at my 2012 race plan (since I haven’t actually registered for any of them yet).

The next big race I want to do is the Hyannis Half & I’ll need to train properly if I want to PR. Taking a few weeks off certainly didn’t make me any faster. I started looking into training plans and realized that the race is 12 weeks away. Which means I need to start training THIS WEEK. Crazy how that snuck up on me. The end of Feb is only 12 weeks away?! Yup.

I’m going to follow the Hal Higdon Novice 2 program, plus yoga & strength training.

20111205-212024.jpgTonight, I ran 3 miles, a little bit faster than last time, though not as fast as I would like. Step in the right direction at least!



20111205-212038.jpgSaturday, I went to the Worcester Sharks game with JT & his friends. I still don’t fully understand hockey, but I’m getting there.

Afterwards, we went to Ducali to meet up with Christina & Adam.

20111205-212057.jpgI got the Around the World flight. 20111205-212045.jpgpizza & beer. love it.


how was everyone’s weekend?

what’s next on the race calendar?¬†

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I found Lisa bright & early this morningobviously lots of expo photos were necessaryExpo was actually disappointing. There wasn’t anything there I was interested in and no samples. lame.¬†Love Park is getting ready for Christmas. ūüôāabout noon – we stopped at Tria for lunch. This place was super cute & the food was excellent. I meant to take a pic but nope. oops.

Love the hotel room keys!
She’s got everything all set up & ready to go for the morning.

love that they added our namesI have such skills. Artsy right here.

I’m going to be a damn good spectator.

We’re off to dinner soon. Lots of carbs in the near future.

(I can pretend carb-loading is still necessary right?)

Have a fabulous night friends.

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I can’t

I planned to test my foot on Wednesday night by cranking out a few miles on the treadmill.
(Note to self Рif you have the choice between real gym with like 10 treadmills & apt building gym with 3, its much safer to go with more.) 
I went home threw some laundry in and tried to get on a treadmill. No dice.  They were full. So I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, switched my laundry & came back. Still no open treadmills. Now what? I did 20 minutes on the climber/elliptical thing.  Foot felt a lil uncomfortable, but no pain and the longer I stayed on there, the less I noticed it.  Step in the right direction at least.

Enter optimistic Alli.  

of course I can run!¬† pumped for Sunday…

mile 6 of Prov Half. Philly? Pshh. I'm ready

oooo, maybe I can find a Thanksgiving race too!!  


Lets try actually running before I get ahead of myself. Good plan.

Yesterday, I jumped on a treadmill at lunchtime. It didn’t feel great from the beginning.¬†A little uncomfortable but no actual pain.
5.8  became 6.0 became 6.6.  
I was aware of the foot but feeling great about it. Until 2.5 miles in  Р shooting pain.

I jumped off that treadmill¬†FAST. It was awful. I’m standing on the edge on one foot, telling myself that was weird, but okay.. I’m not ready to give up yet.¬† I’ll walk a little and see how that goes.¬† 4.0 for a minute or so. Doing alright. Maybe I can work my way back up??¬† I just ran 2.5 miles & was fine. Maybe I was just going too fast.¬†¬†¬† 5.0, a light jog shouldnt hurt it, right?¬†¬† 30 seconds in, shooting pain.¬†

I’m done. I can’t.


I’m officially out for Sunday.¬† Obviously, I’m not excited about it. But if I can’t walk without pain at this point, running isn’t an option.

So, I have an appointment with a orthopaedist in a week and a half.  Delightful.


As for this weekend, I’m still heading to Philly tonight. I’m picking up Lisa at the train in the morning, hitting up the expo &¬†hopefully meeting up with some bloggers.¬†

On Sunday, I’ll be cheering for Lisa as she runs her first FULL marathon.


dear lisa, 
I’m super jealous that you can run, in general and more specifically,¬†a full marathon.¬†¬† I promise to scream loud and take lots of pictures. I can not promise I won’t be embarrassing.¬†¬†Can’t wait to see you dominate 26.2.
looove, alli


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