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Christmas 2011

Its hard not to love Christmas.  Lights, music, food..
After my run on Friday, I packed for home & cleaned my apt. JT and I did presents, went to dinner, and met up with his friends.
(Do Friday nights get better than that? I doubt it.)

lots of love in the mail

Saturday, I headed south for the weekend, aka Dad came to pick me up. 🙂   I went to church with the fam & spent the evening at my grandmother’s.

my parent’s pretty tree

Sunday, I started the day on the elliptical. Nothing says Merry Christmas like breaking a sweat. Just me?  Ok.   Anyway, everyone comes to our house.  First, sister & bro-in-law to do presents just the 5 of us and then my mother’s side of family – 19 of us.

Santa came!

someone's getting the stink eye

LCR, its a tradition

we may not be looking but at least we're all smiling

 Nana & the 6 grandkids, somehow my camera missed the significant others. Sorry guys!

Christmas was great, always good to see the family, and there were even a few flurries!

I’m enjoying getting back to normalcy though. Not that I enjoyed going back to work today, but I did feel good about the normal routine.  I rocked a treadmill run after work, did my laundry, & ordered groceries for Monday. Pretty productive evening.

How was everyone’s weekend?

ready to be back in the normal routine?


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying time with loved ones.

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Happy Monday my friends!

The other day, I posted that my favorite holiday was not only made up, but in fact, happening on Saturday.  What is this holiday I speak of?

Christmas Tree Day.

A long time ago, when my parents and their friends were newly married and sans-children, they began spending a whole day together getting their trees, delivering them to everyone’s houses, and just being festive.  I couldn’t do any of their stories justice, so I’ll just say that 30+ years later the tradition continues. On a Saturday in early December every year, we all get together for Tree Day.   The group has since expanded a bit: first, the 8 of us kids, then significant others, and now the first grand-baby on the way. (ps. did I mention I’m going to be aunt!!!!!!)

a few flashback photos


late 80s?


Matching red scarves? How else do you identify 8 children running in & out of christmas trees?

Truth? Some of us have fake trees now, so we don’t actually get trees anymore. The last few years, we focus more on spending the day together. We do brunch at one house, cocoa & cookies at another, and then dinner at a third.  Throw a gingerbread house competition in there too.  Its a day full of food, friends, red scarves, xmas music. I love it!

This year:

the passing of the winner's snowglobe

We’ve obviously gotten much worse at posing for pictures, but the day is still just as wonderful.


What other fun/different traditions are out there? 

Can you find me in that first pic?

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’m hanging out at the parent’s house for a few days.

Luckily, they have an elliptical, so I got a great workout in this morning. (since I still can’t run)  Did I mention this elliptical is in my old bedroom? Oh, yeah. They turned it into a gym. There’s a NordicFlex in there too. ha.

Breakfast this morning was seriously gourmet.
Mom made Chocolate & Cheese Danish.

fresh out of the oven

holy deliciousness


Hope everyone has a great holiday filled with family, football and fantastic food!


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Happy Birthday Mom!

Must interrupt HLS recaps for birthday love!

I’m currently en route to my sisters for dinner to celebrate my mother’s birthday.

I can’t begin to describe how wonderful a woman she is. Kind, generous, thoughtful, strong, patient, all around amazing.




Happy birthday Mom! Hope it’s a great one. Love you!!

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we made it through Monday!! nicely done.


Most of the time, I have no issues fitting in my long runs. I tend to embrace being low key on Friday so I can get up on Saturday to run. This weekend not so much.

I was away for the weekend of the 4th, was planning to be at the Cape for Saturday this weekend, &  will be away for another 4 day weekend starting Friday. So this past Friday, I had a tough choice – stay in Boston & attempt to see my friends while being low key enough to run 9 miles – or – go out to the Cape Friday night, avoid Sat morning traffic & any real temptation, but miss out on my friends.

I managed to make a smart decision but it was soo tough to be lame and not see my friends. I was really happy when I finished those 9 miles though.

Bonus – came home from that run to a house full of family. We had a fantastic, fun-filled weekend on the water.

look at that crew. good looking bunch.

safe to say we all had a fabulous time. 🙂

On a totally unrelated note –

Happy Birthday to one of my best!

so crazy that we’ve been friends for 15 years.

makes me so happy that you’re right down the street.

love you!!

and to bed I go – running in the AM.

‘night kids.

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Remember when I blogged 4 days in a row and then dropped off the face of the earth?  oh wait.

So Friday I had a bit of weird day – woke up with the best of intentions, ready to crank out 7 miles. and then it poured.
so I puttered around the apartment – cleaned, hung some pics on the wall, and gave up on my run, went to the gym, crossed some things off my to-do list, mapped a run by my sisters house for Saturday, texted Lauren for some afternoon plans and then, the SUN CAME OUT.
uhh. it would be a million times better if I got my run in today…
but I went to the gym? and my legs might get tired? and lauren will be around soon?
oh well.
I went. Just to get it done. to make my weekend easier. and stress-free.

Then I went to Lauren’s & saw their fantastic apt (which is sooo close, yayy)
and she, John & I went to dinner at Fig’s
I really wish I took pictures. It was sooo good. 
Saturday – I snuck out of the city pre-Bruins parade to have lunch with Suzy before a family party. 
We went to Scorpio’s in Attleboro. 
which I will say – people have been talking about for awhile now, this was my first time. 
It was pretty good. I would bet it would be fantasticcc for dinner. 
Met up with the parents & headed over to the party for the afternoon. 
(again no photos. fail.)
So good to see everyone! Cant wait to do it again soon. 
Congrats Eric!!!
and of course!! Father’s Day. 
photos? yes please. 
one of my faves 
i love this face. 
and the fact that he’s cradling a 7 lb chihuahua. ha
 in his element. perfection.
sometimes we grin with fish. 
but most of the time – we laugh. and dance. and laugh some more. 
and its even better when my friends are involved. 
 because a normal one of us is necessary.
well, this was the 29th year of basketball on Father’s Day.  
and the first time EVER there was a tie. 
(don’t get overly excited, I had nothing to do with it)
Suzy goes around the world & back. 
I shoot. miss. 
Dad’s turn. Around the world & back. tie game. 
now what?! 
Sudden death foul shots. sounds like a good idea. 
Suzy misses. Dad hits it. WIN. 
nicely done. 
happy father’s day!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!  happy monday.
off to Marina & the Diamonds tonight.  
Will leave you with this. 

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