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The weather is making me even crazier than usual, so I’m going to ramble for a bit.

I’m in a phenomenal mood and all I want to do it is be outside. (I even broke out the flipflops this morning)

Work? no thanks.

I got up yesterday and decided I was bored with breakfast, so I’ll just whip up some baked oatmeal. like its no big deal.

I used this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. so so good. Now, I want to try them all.

After work, I got my workout in. Progression speed intervals on the treadmill. surprisingly awesome. sweaty mess. loved it. My legs are hurtin’ today though. Monday’s leg circuits + that run = seriously sore


Then this happened…

Kale chips – the blog world loves them.  I really wanted to attempt some kind of kale so I went for it, using this recipe.

green leafy vegetable. unclear how this becomes chip-like

parmesan doesn't look so pretty anymore

so yeah.. They were decent. Crispy but not burnt, salty with parm.  I don’t really know what I was expecting. They were thin and almost dissolved in my mouth.  I lost interest after a few.

Would I make them again? Probably. But let’s be serious – they are not snack food and not as chip-like as I wanted, but a solid way to work in green veggies.


The biggest factor in my awesome mood – the weather. Its March and its in the 70’s. When I moved to Boston last year, I swear we got a foot of snow like every week til April..
My favorite part of my apartment is that I have a balcony and can open the slider. It makes me soo happy to have it open. This morning I woke up to this.

whether you can tell or not, its open. LOTS of fresh air

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping & the air was just awesome. It sounded cheesy just typing that. I should’ve taken a video so you can hear it.

I prepped dinner in the crock-pot and have fun lunch plans with Christina.

Just fabulous.


who’s having a great morning? thoughts on kale? better recipes I should be trying?



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St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Green beer, pub crawls, and festive get-ups?!

Apparently, I’m old.  Part of me says I should be partaking in these activities, like I’m missing out if I don’t.  The reality is as much as I love being festive, I had no interest in the holiday this year.

Friday night, I had dinner with the fam to celebrate the sister’s birthday. Crab cakes, homemade mac & cheese, wine, and cake. Fun night with the fam and I was home before 11. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Saturday, I was really low key:

I slept in like 11am for absolutely reason
went for an 8 mile run just because
cleaned my apt like a crazy person – vacuum, dusting, the works..
made a bunch of food just to have, like this:  Quinoa Crunch Casserole

have you ever seen broccoli here before? Nope.

good stuff & super filling

Saturday night, JT & I went to the BC-Maine hockey game at the Garden

surprisingly fun given I'm not really a hockey fan. I'm learning..

game followed by beverages in a non-irish bar, typical Sat night style.

It was an awesome weekend. I’m not ready for it to be over, even if I did skip St. Patrick’s Day.

how was everyone’s weekend? fun St. Patrick’s stories?
who was racing?! anyone still do long runs even though their not training? 

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So its Friday for real this time 🙂

I started my day with this:


with Chobani

and for lunch I had some of this.

I’ve made it like 4 times already. Definitely addicted.


so good

I might’ve had this as a snack.


and I’m planning on making this for dinner. yayyy carbs!

Aren’t you excited that you know what I’m eating today?

No. Me either.

They’re the only new pics I have though..

Well except this one..


🙂 pretty

 ok! moving on..

So, I decided to run tomorrow.

I’ll have more energy, be better prepared, & its much more likely that it’ll go well. plus its supposed to be almost 50 outside. I’ll take it.

So, I came home after work, seriously cleaned my apt, and knocked a few things off my to-do list.

I’m laying low tonight, making dinner, catching up on my DVR & getting to bed early.

Getting ready to crush some miles tomorrow. 🙂

Anyone else doing a long run this weekend? Any other fun plans?

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this week has been fairly blah.

I almost bailed on my run last night, but didn’t. I managed a great 5 miles. 4 comfortable miles and then hill repeats.

dear beacon hill,
you look scary and awful, but I will dominate you. repeatedly.
love, alli

so that was excellent and an attempt at run with a purpose. Usually I just go, hoping for a decent pace, but no real plan. I really need to do more speedwork/tempo/hills.


I went to the gym on Tuesday for a few treadmill miles & some elliptical. less than satisfying but what can you do..  Then, I spied this chick.

20120126-161159.jpgthis is wrong on so many levels.

1. Its January and you’re wearing a sports bra. Unnecessary. Put a shirt on.

2. You have a tramp stamp. Gross. Again put a shirt on.

3. Jumping rope in the middle of walkway. Is that realllllly necessary?!

I wanted to kick her.  but that would just make it awkward when I see her allll the time. So instead, I took sly pics and hate on her on the internet. I win.


moving on..

I also made lots of food this week – chicken rollatini, sweet potato lentil soup, and then this lovely concoction this morning (not that you can tell what it is)

20120126-161207.jpgegg whites, laughing cow & hot sauce on a sandwich thin.
Good thinking, Breen. Thank you for emailing me about it.


What else?

I registered for the Super Sunday 5 miler!!

Who else is running?!


Oh & I’m loving this song right now.

I wish I knew how to make that smaller. sadly, I don’t. giant video. Sorry guys.


tell me a story. anything.
what races are you eyeing? how do you feel about hill repeats?

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I’ve been MIA. Oops! Sorry friends.

The last few days have been really fun.   Like I mentioned Wednesday, I had lots of plans. This is the first time I’ve had to write a post.

So Wednesday night, Christina came over and I attempted to make spaghetti squash.  Last time was a bit of disaster so I was hesitant to try it again. you would think I would use a real recipe, but nope. I made it up as I went.

Cut it in half, took out the seeds, & baked it for an hour.  One half cooked much faster than the other. thoughts on that anyone? weird.

I sauteed an onion, few cloves of garlic, threw in a handful of spinach, and half a jar of pasta sauce

put it all in a casserole dish, topped with parmesan & baked it for 15 minutes.

delicious. so much better than last time


Thursday, JT & I went to Audubon Circle for dinner and then the Kendra Morris show.

so good.


As much as I didn’t want to, I forced myself to run on Friday.  So so glad I did.  I did a quick 5K on the treadmill and had a ball.

Friday night, Katie & KC arrived just in time for Sara’s party.

why do iphone photos make everyone look like demons?

Eric planned an open bar & bowling at Jillian’s. so much fun!


Last night, we went out for the game.

hell yeah!  can’t wait for next week.

how was everyone’s weekend?!  

how excited are you that we can finallyyy stop hearing about Tebow?! 

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Chilaquiles Casserole

A few weeks ago, I went to Sara & Eric’s for dinner. Sara made this unbelievable enchilada casserole thing. I wanted the entire pan. So I found the recipe and made it myself. Hers was better, but mine was damn good too.

healthy. easy. delicious.

trifecta of wonderfulness right there.

Chilaquiles Casserole

Make it. You really need to. I’ve had it every day since Tuesday.

(and there is a good chance I’m making again this week)

doesn’t that look phenomenal? mmm

how do you trick yourself into eating lots of veggies?

any other great casseroles out there? I’m HUGE on one-dish meals.

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Cranberry Walnut Loaf

What do I do when I have 3 servings of lasagna, 4 of sweet potato lentil soup, and a piece meatloaf?

Eat leftovers definitely. Stop cooking?! Probably a good plan.

But.. I’m almost out of yogurt, so I need a breakfast alternative. I’ll BAKE!

I found this recipe by searching items that I already have & changed it a LOT.

Cranberry Walnut Loaf

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3 1/2 tbsp truvia
  • just less than 1 1/4 cups soy milk, splash of lemon juice, let sit for 5 min
  • 1/3 cup & 1 tbsp pourable egg white
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • 3/4 cup dried cranberries

1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.
3. Mix milk mixture, egg whites, applesauce, vanilla and maple syrup in a small bowl.
4. Add liquid ingredients to dry, mix with a fork.
5. Add in walnuts and cranberries.
6. Spray a loaf pan with cooking spray, bake for approx 1 hour or until done.  
7. Cool before removing from pan.

it’s a bit denser than I expected, but delicious. slightly sweet, a little chewy, and festive 🙂

what are your favorite breakfast treats? 


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