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monday monday

oh hello friends.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I took recovery and rest pretty seriously last week.  i.e. I went running once – for 2.5 miles. and on the other days, I celebrated, played with friends, and didn’t work out at all.  It was nice not to have a schedule.

Few photos from the weekend:

hurrah for friends at the Cape!

Tonight – I put myself back on a schedule. Lots of fun races coming up, details tomorrow.

3 fast miles on the treadmill and then Level 1 – 30 Day Shred.  Felt awesome!

thats all I got for tonight.


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I love the weekends so much. Makes me sad when they end.

This weekend was wonderful..

Thursday afternoon my office had our “summer outing”.



softball game on the Common


followed by a few glasses of sangria.  How do you beat that on a Thurs afternoon?


Then I caught the train down to meet a few old high schools friends for dinner.

sooo much fun!  must do it again soon! (hi linds!)

(Tiff, stole your photo. hope that’s ok!)


Friday – I did my last long run!

It was uglyyy.  No photos since really there was nothing photo-worthy about it.

12 miles. I started late. My head wasn’t in it.  It rained 3 separate times.  I stopped to walk a few times.



Then Friday redeemed itself. I had a car (yayyy!!) so I went to Trader Joe’s.

Spent a lot of money. Got a TON of stuff. AMAZING.


I headed out to the Cape. Picked up Breen at the bus. and the weekend begins all over again.

Breen & I made dinner for my parents. holy wonderfulness.

spinach salad

italian fries – MAKE THESE.

sooo good

bruschetta topping

turkey burgers

finished product. Mozzarella Stuffed Bruschetta Turkey Burger

when you say turkey burger, this is not what anyone thinks of.


that was Friday.


rest of the weekend:

i love the view from the deck. gorgeous.

pretty sure I can’t live without tomatoes. or my mother’s panzanella salad.

corn=summer 🙂



and now, I’m back in Boston.

not exactly ready for another week, feeling fantastic after a great weekend.


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we made it through Monday!! nicely done.


Most of the time, I have no issues fitting in my long runs. I tend to embrace being low key on Friday so I can get up on Saturday to run. This weekend not so much.

I was away for the weekend of the 4th, was planning to be at the Cape for Saturday this weekend, &  will be away for another 4 day weekend starting Friday. So this past Friday, I had a tough choice – stay in Boston & attempt to see my friends while being low key enough to run 9 miles – or – go out to the Cape Friday night, avoid Sat morning traffic & any real temptation, but miss out on my friends.

I managed to make a smart decision but it was soo tough to be lame and not see my friends. I was really happy when I finished those 9 miles though.

Bonus – came home from that run to a house full of family. We had a fantastic, fun-filled weekend on the water.

look at that crew. good looking bunch.

safe to say we all had a fabulous time. 🙂

On a totally unrelated note –

Happy Birthday to one of my best!

so crazy that we’ve been friends for 15 years.

makes me so happy that you’re right down the street.

love you!!

and to bed I go – running in the AM.

‘night kids.

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I’m a big fan of routine. and well.. specifically. I’m a pretty big fan of my routine.  
I have very little trouble lately staying on track, eating well, & working out.
After 4+ days at the Cape – I’m finding it near impossible to get back on track. 

I want to sleep. A LOT.
I want chocolate. and salty snacks. and wine.
I don’t want to run.
I was even tempted to order food, like dominos. ick.  (dont worry I didn’t)

So needless to say, I’m going to get back on track but its reallyyy tough.  I’m learning that just because I’m good most of the time or that I ran 8 miles or its a holiday that needs to be celebrated, I can’t let myself go completely crazy. Indulge – yes. for sure.   but 4 full days of too much everything. not cool.

Now this was my first extended weekend with lots of celebrating since I really started paying attention, so I’m not surprised I went overboard, nor am I going to beat myself up about it. BUT I’m learning my limits. and acknowledging that I exceeded them for sure. 
now if I could just get that self-control thing down.

Last night was the first time in a long time that I got home from work and had nothing to do.

great plan right?
serious fail this morning.
anyone else hanging out in struggle-city this week? 

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oh hello all
I’ve seriously struggled getting back into real world mode. I want to stay & play at the Cape, for sure.

before I get into all the fun. I’m happy to report that I did get up Saturday morning & bust out 8 miles. (with my dad trailing behind on his bike. it was an interesting run thats for sure. wish I took a pic)

there was tons of food. beverages. friends. sun. 
gorgeous views. 
how amazing is that. 
fantastic people. and dessert.
(most of whom were not photographed, apologies)
and even my dad cuddling with a pup. who would’ve thought?
some hard to capture fireworks
and Momma Re’s flowers. stunning. 
feeling artsy.

this morning I forced myself out to run.
because well.. i have 3 runs left this week & only 4 days to do them. ugh.   4.5 miles – success.  
I expected it to be more painful than it was.  still not looking forward to tomorrow.
and – 9 miles on saturday is going to be TOUGH.

wish I had a big topic tonight but really, my weekend was wonderful, exhausting, & left me with a sweet tan 🙂   that’s all I got.

happy wednesday!

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so ready!

I’ve managed to do my runs in the morning this week, which is an accomplishment in its self. (I’m pretty terrible at getting out of bed in the AM)  I’ve noticed though that by getting my workouts in early, I feel like I’m due for a workout earlier.  Tuesday morning I ran, and by Wednesday after work, I felt like I really needed to get my sweat on. Knowing that I needed to run yesterday morning & that it was too hot to do anything outside, I hit the gym, did a fast mile and a half and then some intervals on the elliptical. It felt surprisingly awesome.

these legs feel accomplished.

I’ll spare you any other post-workout pics of me.
with any luck, this is what July will look like. 

lots of cape time.
 hopefully some beach
 Sox @ Camden Yards
 hanging out with these ladies
and then 2 of these 3 lovelies.
a month with 5 weekends?! yes please.

Goals for July
1. get to 12 miles  – half marathon is the first weekend of Aug. must be readyyy
2. take lots of pictures  – between the 4th, a family gathering, 4 days in baltimore, and a few of my NY girls coming to the Cape, there are LOTS of fantastic photo ops.
3. spend some QT with baby mac – oh charlie, I can NOT wait.
4. do yoga once a week –  I’ve done yoga a handful of times recently & always feel great after. Whether I go to a class or break my DVD, this needs to happen more – before my legs revolt against me.
5. get to the pool – my building has a pool & I have yet to go. going to need to change that. yup.

what are your goals for July?  anything missing off my list?

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Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural David D. Main Memorial Golf Tournament.
The rain stopped just in time for an afternoon of great golf & great people.  
Huge success!

Just a few of the many photos of the day
Saturday, I ran the CapeAbilities 5K. 
gooood morning. i’m sleepy but exciiited
Let’s just say it was a phenomenal first race.  I was worried about pacing myself – since I really don’t and I have no idea how face I run once I get off the treadmill.
I’m pretty sure I run slow. I was thinking it would take me around 33 min, figuring just over 10 min miles. I was thrilled when I got to the finish & realized.  
I felt like rockstar for the rest of the weekend 🙂   (ill spare you the after photo. smiled so hard I practically strained my neck muscles. fail. need to stop doing that)
Race 2 only a few weeks away
and on Friday – I made my first green monster
frozen berry blend – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
unsweetened applesauce
chocolate whey protein powder
almond milk
vanilla extract
getting hooked on smoothies. get ready for it. 
hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and painless monday.   1 day closer to the weekend!!

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