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A few weeks ago, Christina emailed asking if I wanted to go to a Boston Pastry Rendezvous.

Uhh, obviously. Here are the highlights from this evening

red velvet.

salted caramel

mint chocolate chip cookie

snickerdoodle french macaroon.

this place was my favorite. red velvet cake to die for. so good I failed to pause for a pic.
these were great. and healthy!and the HIGHLIGHT! Polar has new flavors!!
Pumpkin spice, egg nog, cinnamon, candy cane, granny smith apple, which were AMAZING!
plus some orange, cranberry & others, but less fun.
love seltzer. LOVE seltzer in fun flavors.
Now, I’m super full of sugar, but it was all delicious. 🙂

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nine miles

happy sunday friends!

I feel like I’ve been away from the computer foreverrr. oops!

Only 5 weeks til Philly! eekk!  can’t wait!

Yesterday – I set out for a 9 miler. It wasn’t as early as I planned and wasn’t as pleasant as I would’ve liked but I got it done.  I mapped out a route along the HarborWalk and through South Boston. Why not use my training runs to explore the city, right?

love this city.

I spent the day with the parents, went to the UMass Boston soccer game,had dinner with Sara, Eric & the rents.  I didn’t even think to take pictures. We went to Dolce Vita in the North End. The food was excellent, the service was great. We asked for recommendations & ended up with entrees that weren’t even on the menu. Thats my kind of place.

Overall- pretty solid Saturday 🙂

just because 🙂

how was the weekend? Anyone race? new PRs?

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Boston Blogger Meetup

I love bloggers. I really do.

Last night, I met up with these fabulous ladies at Eastern Standard

picture via Erin

me, Erin, Samantha, MB, Sara, Sarah & Maddie

I had some wine 🙂

and a grilled cheese

Eastern Standard was super accommodating. I’d never been before & will absolutely return.  Food was good, pretty sure it would’ve been even better had I not ordered the simplest thing on the menu  😉    The service was excellent. They even gave us all separate checks.

I had a great time talking with these girls. Its so funny to meet fellow bloggers because at a minimum we have that common.  Regardless of what we blog about, we choose to put ourselves out there and share our lives on the internet.   We had tons to talk about:  food, wine, running, relationships, blogging…

It was so much fun!


Thanks Erin for organizing!  I can’t wait to do it again


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off balance

I don’t usually have much trouble keeping myself in check. I plan my workouts, make food, and drink when it won’t interfere with my runs.

The last week or so though.. its been tough.

20110921-102829.jpgthere has been a lot of this, which let’s be serious.. I feel great about.

until I didn’t work out Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. not ideal. my routine is off balance.

Yesterday, I got this in the mail though. 

(These shirts are part of Ali’s fundraising effort for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. She’s running the Hampton’s Marathon this weekend – amazing.)


I do heart sweat.  Can’t let myself get caught up and get lazy.

even if the view looks like this..

the view from the seats on Monday. unreal.

so yeah Monday’s lack of sweat, worth it. Sunday & Tuesday not so much.

I have plans pretty much every night this week, so if I want to get a run in, I need to get it in before work. Nothing about this sounds balanced.. right?  Tired sounds more like it.

This morning was rough. Not going to lie. It wasn’t pretty. But I got up and ran. Tomorrow I will attempt it again.


it was foggy and 60°, kind of perfect. How cool does the sky look?


.anyany wise advice on how to keep the balance?

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Last Thursday, I ran the 4K Trail Run on Thompson Island .  It was an awesome event!  

Christina’s first race EVER

The event sold out, so she wasn’t registered

we got to the registration table super early to figure out how to get her a number or even just on the island.

We put her name on the waiting list

and then we had lots of time to kill. Cocktail? Why not?


it stopped raining! yesss

Christina got a number! Officially racing!

its crooked. sad.

ready to go 🙂

love the water


the course was beautiful

love the view of the city

after the race

I’ll spare you the sweaty photos but Christina did fantastic!  We had a lot of fun

water makes me happy, ferry back to the city

There are a few photos on the Island’s facebook page too.

Its a beautiful course & overall, just a great event.  I’ll definitely run it again next year.

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change of plans

I had this great plan for tonight – run, blog, go to bed early.

and then this happened..




happy monday! 

yayy sox



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Mass Brewers Fest

Last night, I went to the Mass Brewers Fest.  It was an excellent event at a great venue full of local brewers with so many fun beers to try.

I took the longest route possible to get there. so South Station on my walk. how pretty is this on the Seaport Blvd Bridge.

Skyline from the World Trade Center
one of the many local Brewer’s

I could’ve taken tons more pictures but was busy enjoying friends and new beers.

oh hi friends.

I would say my favorites were the UFO Pumpkin Ale, Cambridge Brewing Company Mind Left Body (I got it for the name:)), and the Cape Ann Brewing Company Tea Party.

There were so many good ones.

I completely missed Cape Cod Beer though.  Disappointed.

Given their proximity to my parents & the less than stellar weather forecast, may have to check that out this weekend. 🙂

Overall, great night.

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