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Pictures from F1

There are over 300 people in this bootcamp. In the facebook group, not one person has complained about being sore. How is that possible?!  I’m in serious pain. I attempted 6 miles today, made it though 4.  I’ll take it, but omg legs!! I knew I was going to be hurtin’, but if anything I thought my legs would the part of my body that might be actually kind-of in shape.  Wrong. My quads are DYING.

So today’s run was tough but good.

how gorgeous is this?!  obsessed.


What else did I do today?

I slept super late (sooo nice), made a bunch of food, got my grocery shopping done, did some meal planning. Great lil Sunday.


As promised, pictures from yesterday!  F1 was a great time. I didn’t drive but definitely will next time.

ready to race

Brent wins!

after his victory lap

Brent’s birthday. Brent wins. Suspicious? Maybe. 😉


how was everyone’s weekend?
anyone else doing bootcamp? struggling as much as I am?


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last night’s surprise rain storm was annoying at first – and then I realized it was pretty great.  did I have to walk home in the rain? yeah. BUT

it also means that the temp dropped and the humidity pretty much went away. That means: 

  1. no AC.   maybe I’m just cheap but sleeping with the slider open, the fresh air seems so much better than AC. glorious. 
  2. that when I got up this morning for a 4 miler, it was a delightful 64 degrees. AMAZING.

it was surprisingly windy, which I didn’t love, but at least this didnt happen soo I’ll take it.  Cool & windy definitely beats the 90+ degrees and humidity that I battled on Tuesday night. iicckkk.

can you think of a better way to start the day?  I can’t.


actually yeah, I can.

follow up that run with the best iced coffee ever.

I was too excited for photos. Sorry kids.

iced french roast with vanilla almond milk & half scoop vanilla protein powder.  sooo good and then I made the breakfast I blogged yesterday, because I loved it that much.   now if I could only fast forward to tomorrow evening. baaalllltimore.



now in honor of the birthday of another dear friend of mine:  4 reasons why katie is fantastic.

1. she’s hysterical.  read it.

2. she’s the reason I like scotch.

NYE 2009 – 2 and 9 broke off, oh welllll. i got scotch & a smart phone. all a girl needs


 3. she wears awesome outfits.


4. we have a pretty good time. 🙂

happy birthday katie!

and that is all for today. happy thursdayy!!

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I had a phenomenal birthday!! thanks everybody

Friday morning I got up & did a 6.6 mile loop through the common, the Esplanade & over to Cambridge. It wasn’t hot or overly sunny so great for a long run.

Pineapple makes me really happy so perfect for a post-run breakfast 

Then the real fun begins!  
Early afternoon, Suzy & I headed over to Fanueil Hall for some lunch & cocktails.

love it. 
this was delicious. Kingfish Hall‘s – Fish & Chips
(birthday is a great excuse to eat something so fried and wonderful)
lindsey came to join us 🙂
sister love. 
we later moved to the bar to “watch” the bruins game & eat pre-birthday-celebration
jager bombs at 7? sure suz – that sounds like an excellent plan. 
We spent the entire night & Clarke’s, which was great. 
People came early, people came late, people stopped by, I just set up shop & enjoyed every minute. 
so many fun people came out!  
(though so many got missed by the camera – sad)
overall – fantastic night & wonderful start to 28!!
Other exciting news!  I got a ticket to this year’s HLS!!
Will be so fun. I can’t wait! 🙂 

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Thanks for your suggestions on races!!  
I haven’t quite decided which to do yet but I did register for this. 10/22/11

really excited for this one 

I’ll be adding a bunch more to the game plan so keep em comin. I almost (eeeekkk) registered for the half but decided I needed to wait until after tomorrow’s 6.5 miles. If I can get through half the distance without keeling over, I can get there. 

I finally synced my phone & took it on a run last night. (breen – love the app, thanks!)
I paused to stretch and couldn’t resist.  
I love this!  How can I resist a run with this view?!

After last night’s run, Lauren came over for dinner. I made some pearl onion risotto & spinach salad. delic! and of course, there was wine, some celebratory bubbly & a fantastic cupcake.  picture fail. none taken.  

I’m sooo ready for the weekend.  
cleaned the apt. did my laundry. running in the morning. ready for lots of guilt-free fun. 
tomorrow – i have a fantastic day planned with my sister! 
then katie & chrissy are coming from NY! 🙂 🙂
& a GREAT crew coming out to celebrate.  can NOT wait!!

i keep trying to add to this post but really – i’m watching the king’s speech. ha.  good at multitasking. not so much. 🙂

have a fabulous night! 

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