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happy wednesday friends!

I’m back into the swing of things, which wasn’t quite as painful as I expected, but certainly not ideal.  I ❤ vacation.

I’ll try to give you the full recap of all the Baltimore shenanigans but its so so hard to capture all the fun I had.

After my delightful run on Saturday – I spent the afternoon at the gorgeous new home of one of my fave families, with a stellar crew.   Obviously, I’m slightly obsessed with a particular small child, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. 🙂

look at those eyes. oh hey little man. first, you made me nervous & now I can’t get enough.
I’m telling you, Charlie, Auntie Alli is going to spoil you. are you ready?

Daddy makes me dance & Mommy laughs. perfection.
aunt lisa is pretty cool too.

and tasty – I lost my thumb so her arm is faaabulous substitute.that face is going to melt people.

and there were other people there too. (tunnel vision – what!?)


katie & rob.

oh and maybe charlie again 🙂  thank you Powell’s for a fantastic day!


Saturday night – a few drinks. looks like this.


SUNDAY! Brunch at Little Havana.

Great day with sister, bro-in-law, Steve, & Lisa.

what could be better than unlimited pitchers of mimosas? seriously?

can’t remember the last time I got to spend this much time with lisa. amazinggg.

oh look! post-brunch walk through the inner harbor.

and that’s it for Sunday – because well, when you spend half the day drinking mimosas. pictures stop happening.



oh hello baby Finn – how adorable are you!  only 2 weeks old. definitely the smallest baby I’ve ever seen.

I’m excited. He’s just chillin.  You’re beautiful little man.

Can’t wait to see all the pics your live-in professional photographer Mommy takes of you!

After my wayyy too short visit with baby Finn & his momma, Lisa & I met up with sister, bro-in-law, Steve & Mike for the Sox/O’s game at Camden Yards.

view from the Hilton – excellent

Lisa & Mike  (who brought the O’s fans?)

yeah it was me. I adore you even if you’re wearing a Ripken jersey.

awesome seats!

and this is the last shot I got of the score, but Sox win!  🙂


Tuesday morning – I got to spend some more time with Katie & Charlie before I headed home. love it.

I had sooo much fun seeing everyone! Can’t wait to do it again soon!


and special shout out to lisa & rob who let me stay with them. 🙂

you guys are amazing. I can’t thank you enough. 🙂





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I’m back!!  After a weekend of babies & beverages, I’m home & had a fantastic time!

I have so many fun photos to share but for now – I’ll just give you a little tour of the 10 miler I did on Saturday morning.

Lisa was kind enough to map out a route for me, looks like this.

5 miles out, 5 miles back.

good morning baltimore
tough to keep the camera straight while moving – but I try. 

at some point in the middle – Lisa & I crossed paths, she snapped this for the blog 🙂

oh hello fells point. 

does shuckers remind anyone else of the 5 yr college reunion?

not sure what this is. but it felt photo-worthy

yoga at the harbor? I wanted to jump in.

only 2 more long runs before the half marathon! so soon

after this run was when the real fun began – but I need to catch up on life a bit, so you’ll get the scoop on that tomorrow. 🙂     happy tuesday kids.

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my 4.5 day weekend starts NOW!


so excited for all the fun people this weekend.

(less excited for the 10 miles I have to do tomorrow, but itll be fun too I guess)


ONLY 3 WEEKS til my half!  I got all the final info via email last night and realized HOLY sooooooon.  eeeeekkkkk

so of course I stayed up late creating a 40 song, 2.5 hour long playlist for the race (and my long runs between now & then)     i’m ridiculous. but its sooo good. 

promise to share once its finalized.


and obviously because it was Katie’s birthday yesterday (and what else makes packing more fun), I poured myself some scotch, toasted from a few states away, & sent her these pics.  wouldn’t you just love to get ridiculous self portraits from me?  ha.









can not contain my excitement about this weekend.


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last night’s surprise rain storm was annoying at first – and then I realized it was pretty great.  did I have to walk home in the rain? yeah. BUT

it also means that the temp dropped and the humidity pretty much went away. That means: 

  1. no AC.   maybe I’m just cheap but sleeping with the slider open, the fresh air seems so much better than AC. glorious. 
  2. that when I got up this morning for a 4 miler, it was a delightful 64 degrees. AMAZING.

it was surprisingly windy, which I didn’t love, but at least this didnt happen soo I’ll take it.  Cool & windy definitely beats the 90+ degrees and humidity that I battled on Tuesday night. iicckkk.

can you think of a better way to start the day?  I can’t.


actually yeah, I can.

follow up that run with the best iced coffee ever.

I was too excited for photos. Sorry kids.

iced french roast with vanilla almond milk & half scoop vanilla protein powder.  sooo good and then I made the breakfast I blogged yesterday, because I loved it that much.   now if I could only fast forward to tomorrow evening. baaalllltimore.



now in honor of the birthday of another dear friend of mine:  4 reasons why katie is fantastic.

1. she’s hysterical.  read it.

2. she’s the reason I like scotch.

NYE 2009 – 2 and 9 broke off, oh welllll. i got scotch & a smart phone. all a girl needs


 3. she wears awesome outfits.


4. we have a pretty good time. 🙂

happy birthday katie!

and that is all for today. happy thursdayy!!

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1. being prepared – when it downpoured right before I was leaving work today & I realized I had an umbrella in my purse & rainboots under my desk –> so happy

2. secretly stretching in the handicap stall  – still pretty sore. this helped lots.  might be a lil weird but so am I.

3. mid afternoon fro-yo break –  yesterday I had a craving. In NY, there is good fro-yo everywhere. Boston: not so much.  Thanks to some google searching on my super awesome iphone, I discovered my new favorite place.  good fro-yo. good toppings. walkable from work. BEST FIND EVER.

4. this for breakfast – Technically, I had this yesterday but I wish it was today too.  Fresh strawberries, 1/4 cup raw oats, 6 0z FAGE 0% greek yogurt, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds & a Dunkin Iced.  perfection.

(I know it looks hot but the cold cup is just hiding inside the hot one.)

5. healthy freebies on the street – excited to try this.

6. lunchtime pedicures – my toes were wayy overdue. It was wooonderful. (definitely better than whoopie pie pans ;)) I’ll spare you the pic.

7. the fact that in 48 hours, I’ll be in Baltimore!! yayyyyy!!

What made you happy today? 

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mondays are brutal. today was a tough one.
after a wonderful weekend with a few of my faves, how could I really focus on work?

unfortunately, my camera failed to make appearances at katie’s shower or on my run. (but I managed to get a run in. go me)  how ridiculous is it that I’d never been to Fort McHenry before Saturday?!  I mean I was in baltimore for how many years? almost 6?   well. now I’ve been and it was fantastic.

blows my mind that I’ve known these two for almost 10 years. 
and now here we are… baby mac could arrive any day.
lil weekend recap.

just because they were delic
 we had a fantastic little picnic.
mmm cheese..
lisa & I drank red wine out of mom-to-be cups.
& then.
we made dinner.
balsamic chicken
 sweet potato fries.
broccoli & cauliflower
and there was a walk involved. with hopes of inducing labor.
no such luck. i must wait to meet the little one. 😦
can NOT wait.
as much as I want to put up ridiculous pictures from college. ill refrain.
we were in love with college. with it all.  
we had more fun than I can even remember
& it only gets better from here 🙂
and because its the only pic I got of this guy.
oh hey daddy mac, hope you enjoyed this. it isnt happening again anytime soon.

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