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happy wednesday friends!

I’m back into the swing of things, which wasn’t quite as painful as I expected, but certainly not ideal.  I ❤ vacation.

I’ll try to give you the full recap of all the Baltimore shenanigans but its so so hard to capture all the fun I had.

After my delightful run on Saturday – I spent the afternoon at the gorgeous new home of one of my fave families, with a stellar crew.   Obviously, I’m slightly obsessed with a particular small child, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. 🙂

look at those eyes. oh hey little man. first, you made me nervous & now I can’t get enough.
I’m telling you, Charlie, Auntie Alli is going to spoil you. are you ready?

Daddy makes me dance & Mommy laughs. perfection.
aunt lisa is pretty cool too.

and tasty – I lost my thumb so her arm is faaabulous substitute.that face is going to melt people.

and there were other people there too. (tunnel vision – what!?)


katie & rob.

oh and maybe charlie again 🙂  thank you Powell’s for a fantastic day!


Saturday night – a few drinks. looks like this.


SUNDAY! Brunch at Little Havana.

Great day with sister, bro-in-law, Steve, & Lisa.

what could be better than unlimited pitchers of mimosas? seriously?

can’t remember the last time I got to spend this much time with lisa. amazinggg.

oh look! post-brunch walk through the inner harbor.

and that’s it for Sunday – because well, when you spend half the day drinking mimosas. pictures stop happening.



oh hello baby Finn – how adorable are you!  only 2 weeks old. definitely the smallest baby I’ve ever seen.

I’m excited. He’s just chillin.  You’re beautiful little man.

Can’t wait to see all the pics your live-in professional photographer Mommy takes of you!

After my wayyy too short visit with baby Finn & his momma, Lisa & I met up with sister, bro-in-law, Steve & Mike for the Sox/O’s game at Camden Yards.

view from the Hilton – excellent

Lisa & Mike  (who brought the O’s fans?)

yeah it was me. I adore you even if you’re wearing a Ripken jersey.

awesome seats!

and this is the last shot I got of the score, but Sox win!  🙂


Tuesday morning – I got to spend some more time with Katie & Charlie before I headed home. love it.

I had sooo much fun seeing everyone! Can’t wait to do it again soon!


and special shout out to lisa & rob who let me stay with them. 🙂

you guys are amazing. I can’t thank you enough. 🙂





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Congrats Maria & Mark!!

Congrats Maria & Mark! So happy for you guys!
Finnegan James O’Brien arrived this weekend.
He knew I was coming to Baltimore & came early!!  yayyy!
can’t wait to meet the little guy.

and because I have no pics of Finn (or Mark for that matter)..
one of my faves of Maria & I.

still in weekend mode. expect recap tomorrow 🙂

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Baby Mac!

Charles Hillen Macsherry arrived this morning & I couldn’t be more excited.
obsessed. already.  one pic & i’m in love.

Congrats you two!   You’re going to make the best parents.
Love you guys!

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