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comedy central

I’m a big fan of random fun things to do,

especially when they’re free..

Yesterday, my friend Tori got offered free tickets to a taping of a show for Comedy Central.  Sounds like a fabulous idea for a Tuesday night, right?

So three of us went.

There were an odd number of rules (including no phones/pictures) but it was really fun.

I highly doubt we’ll be on tv, but I’m excited to watch anyway.  They recorded us laughing, cheering, giving a standing O. There were a few bits they had to do twice. Paused in the middle for a technical issue. Its soo different seeing it from the other side.

The MC was really funny.  The first comic – Jesse something – was good but not awesome.

The second though – hysterical.  David O’Doherty – loved it.

a clip of his from 2011


in other news, I’m not really sore anymore (yayy!!). My right ankle is still a little off, mostly stiff, but I did manage an elliptical session yesterday. I might attempt to run a few slow miles tomorrow.

and now, I’m watching last night’s Smash on DVR. addicted. soooo good. 🙂

week’s almost over friends. I’m ready for the weekend!


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Just a couple pics of the race yesterday..


its cold, still ready

the only pic of me actually running

finish line

and DONE 🙂

probably should've actually added ice..

Today, I’m a little stiff, a little sore, but overall, feeling pretty good.

hhappy monday friends! 

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Last weekend’s 12-miler had me pretty confident all week. I didn’t stress going into this weekend.  I decided that 2:15 was my goal. 2:10 might be in reach.  (trying to beat my 2:22 from August)  So I’m aiming for a solid 7 minute PR..

Yesterday’s wind make me nervous.  Gusts so hard, you hoped to stand your ground, never mind keep moving.  As of when I went to bed last night the forecast for today looked like this:

no thanks.

How do you dress for that kind of wind? I have no idea. That was probably my biggest concern this morning.

I put on a long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, vest, tights, gloves.   I ended up taking the windbreaker & gloves off mid-way.

The race was pretty well organized, though I should’ve picked up my bib yesterday. The hotel was a MOB SCENE this morning. No line, but almost impossible to get it & out of the building – people everywhere. Plenty of porta-potties outside though and the race started on time, which is always good.

at the start

It was a little crowded at the beginning especially at the turns, but with 4200 half-marathoners, I don’t think thats avoidable.  I lined up by the 10:00 min sign. People went out FAST. I had to make a conscious effort to stay at 9:30. For the first two miles or so, I felt like everyone was flying by me.  I had to remind myself repeatedly not to get sucked into the pack, settled into a comfortable pace and just went.

Miles 2-8 were comfortable, a little windy at times, few small hills, but good.

A little after hitting 8.5, I saw 1:20 on my Garmin. It took me a minute to realize it, but if I kept that pace, I’d be on track to finish just over 2 hours. INSANITY. I’m aiming for 2:15.  I knew I couldn’t hold my sub 9:30 pace for 4.5 more miles though. There was just no way, but I was on track for a serious PR.

Mile 9, I was excited.

At mile 10, I started to struggle. By 11, I was dying a little.  By 12, I just wanted it to be over.  Those last 3 miles were brutal. I took a few walking breaks, yet somehow my splits aren’t that much slower.  Surprised, but I’ll take it.

Official results – 2:07:56 


that’s a PR by 14 minutes.

14 minutes!! 

Needless to say, I’m excited. I’m going to be in pain tomorrow, but soo worth it 🙂

Panera for lunch and a Fribble for the ride back to Boston. amazing.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a few more pics to share that my Dad took of the race.


Congrats Dawn on your killer 12 minute PR!!

any other PR’s out there?  Congrats to everyone who ran!!

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today, I hated yoga

The class I go to on Thursday is usually pretty good. Sometimes its great, sometimes its just ok. Today, I almost walked out.  I hated it. 

The instructor is always great. It’s definitely not her fault.  It’s the people around me.  Yoga is supposed to be calming,  peaceful, getting centered, being in your body… How am I supposed to do that if people are tramping all over the place?!   coming in & out in the middle!?

I arrived at class about a minute or two before it starts, set up my mat, stretched a lil. The room gets comfortably full.  We started.

Five people came in late. FIVE!!! 

Four of them set up camp surrounding me.  I had to move over THREE times. My lovely spot in the back corner is now super crowded, to the point where mats are almost touching.

Now, I’m a big fan of personal space. Especially with heavy breathing, minimally clothed strangers..   I was visibly irritated and tried really hard to get my head back in the game. Just couldn’t do it.  As many deep breaths as I took, I spent most of the class imagining myself kicking over the chick next to me. 

Yes, I’m in race mode, but I really thought yoga was a good plan today.. 
Sad that I left more frustrated than I arrived. 

Why do people think its okay to stroll in late? Do they not realize how disruptive it is?    If this were a legit yoga studio & not the class at the gym, would you do that!?

I know I need to get better at tuning it all out but its soooo hard.  

angry yogi via the allerion

anyone else?!

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Here is the one photo I took on Saturday’s 12 miler.

It was one of those runs that reminds me why I love running.  It took me a mile or so to get into the groove.  But once I did, my mind was quiet and I just ran. It was fantastic.  Around 11 miles, I realized I still felt really good, had one of those cheesy “I can do anything moment”s, and kicked it up a notch to finish it off.

12.11 miles in 2:01:49

Absolutely no doubts that I can PR on Sunday.

Just need to make it happen.

After my run, I struggled through an ice bath, and got ready for the day.

I got my hair cut and spent the rest of the afternoon on Tori’s roof drinking white russians.


yes, its February & it was cold, but wonderful. Never say no to a roof party.

sunset? yes please.

Yesterday & today have been pretty lazy.

Lots of DVR, couple of movies, finished the book I’m reading..  I should really get a run in today but still feeling kind of stiff from Saturday.  We shall see. I’m tempted to go shopping instead. President’s Day sales? – clearly something I need to be a part of. My wardrobe struggles.

hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend. 🙂

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So its Friday for real this time 🙂

I started my day with this:


with Chobani

and for lunch I had some of this.

I’ve made it like 4 times already. Definitely addicted.


so good

I might’ve had this as a snack.


and I’m planning on making this for dinner. yayyy carbs!

Aren’t you excited that you know what I’m eating today?

No. Me either.

They’re the only new pics I have though..

Well except this one..


🙂 pretty

 ok! moving on..

So, I decided to run tomorrow.

I’ll have more energy, be better prepared, & its much more likely that it’ll go well. plus its supposed to be almost 50 outside. I’ll take it.

So, I came home after work, seriously cleaned my apt, and knocked a few things off my to-do list.

I’m laying low tonight, making dinner, catching up on my DVR & getting to bed early.

Getting ready to crush some miles tomorrow. 🙂

Anyone else doing a long run this weekend? Any other fun plans?

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Today feels like Friday. Sadly it is not.

I realized early this week that I have Monday off.  President’s Day?! Excellent.

Oh, work would like to let us out at 3:00 tomorrow. Even better.

Pretty sure its going to be an awesome weekend. Just because I have zero plans. Love that.

I felt like baking so I made brownies. Not Valentine’s Day brownies, or they would be heart-shaped. Yes, I own, not one but two, heart-shaped cookie cutters. Needless to say, I have a lot of fans at work today.


I managed to get in a few miles, AND prep dinner before work this morning. awesome.  and then I skipped yoga for a pedicure. oops.

now, my running dilemma..

 I have 12 miles on the agenda for this weekend. Hyannis is NEXT WEEK.

I’m tempted to get it over with tomorrow after work.  Since we get out early, I’ll have just enough daylight left to get it in. Then its done, I can do whatever I want on Friday night, maybe go to yoga on Saturday.. My only hesitation is that I kind of need it to go well. I did 9 last week & 10 two weeks before that..  Neither of which were stellar runs. Not ideal.  

or I can wait until Saturday morning. It kills my Friday night, but really.. I’ll probably lay low anyway. It also forces me to take a rest day tomorrow, which I accidentally already did twice this week. straight laziness right there. 

I feel like I should wait til the AM but I don’t really want to.

Thoughts? Advice?  Help.




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