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January was loongg

Usually I write these and “I’m like wow, that month flew by. How is it over so fast?! ”  Not this time. January was loongg. I’m ready for it to be over.  I feel like New Year’s was foreverr ago.  


January goals –

1. make time for my long runs  – yup. they got done. before work wasn’t ideal but it was the only way for two of them. only 2 long runs left before hyannis 🙂

2. keep running outside – averaged twice a week which I would say is pretty damn good for January.

3. yoga – I got there at least once a week. Good, but I can do better. Still haven’t tried the new place, but going tonight!

4. be smart about money – I guess. I haven’t really done any shopping which is good. Bringing my lunch pretty much every day. Lots of cooking & only one big grocery purchase. I did spend more than normal with visitors though.

I went to NY for New Year’s, had 2 weekends of visitors, did yoga a handful of times, and managed to run 63 miles. January was fun but busyy. 

I’m ready for a low key February.


suggestions for Feb goals?
is anyone else ready to fast forward through the rest of winter?



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Its a gorgeous day!  Okk..  its dark now but it was a gorgeous day.

I did my first double-digit run since Nov & my foot.

10 miles 🙂

they weren’t pretty though. pretty hard is more like it..

I always take a rest day before a long run to “save my energy” or whatever. I’m usually just too nervous that my legs will be tired.  This week I decided I don’t run enough mid-week miles, so I ran slow & easy yesterday.  Today, I think I paid for it. But that’s how I’ll get stronger right?

I should’ve taken pics but I didn’t.

it looked like this... less fall, more winter.

It was a tough run, it was still soo nice to be outside, in the daylight, and in the 40’s too!

I even wished I wore shorts..


Last night, I watched the Adjustment Bureau, which was surprisingly awesome. I’ve had the Netflix DVD for maybe a month. I couldn’t remember what it was supposed to be about, but threw it in anyway.  So good. Watch it.

Today, I caught up on all the productive stuff I never get around to doing, plus a few Homeland episodes on the couch. perfection.

what’s everyone up to this weekend? do you run the day before long runs?

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this week has been fairly blah.

I almost bailed on my run last night, but didn’t. I managed a great 5 miles. 4 comfortable miles and then hill repeats.

dear beacon hill,
you look scary and awful, but I will dominate you. repeatedly.
love, alli

so that was excellent and an attempt at run with a purpose. Usually I just go, hoping for a decent pace, but no real plan. I really need to do more speedwork/tempo/hills.


I went to the gym on Tuesday for a few treadmill miles & some elliptical. less than satisfying but what can you do..  Then, I spied this chick.

20120126-161159.jpgthis is wrong on so many levels.

1. Its January and you’re wearing a sports bra. Unnecessary. Put a shirt on.

2. You have a tramp stamp. Gross. Again put a shirt on.

3. Jumping rope in the middle of walkway. Is that realllllly necessary?!

I wanted to kick her.  but that would just make it awkward when I see her allll the time. So instead, I took sly pics and hate on her on the internet. I win.


moving on..

I also made lots of food this week – chicken rollatini, sweet potato lentil soup, and then this lovely concoction this morning (not that you can tell what it is)

20120126-161207.jpgegg whites, laughing cow & hot sauce on a sandwich thin.
Good thinking, Breen. Thank you for emailing me about it.


What else?

I registered for the Super Sunday 5 miler!!

Who else is running?!


Oh & I’m loving this song right now.

I wish I knew how to make that smaller. sadly, I don’t. giant video. Sorry guys.


tell me a story. anything.
what races are you eyeing? how do you feel about hill repeats?

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happy birthday amanda!!

this is the best pic I can find of us. ha.

hope you had a fabulous day.



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 Tuesday. ugh

This weekend was wonderful & exhausting. Back-to-back visitors wasn’t the best plan I’ve ever had but I loved seeing them all.

Friday night, Katie & Lisa arrived approx. 10 minutes before my parents. We all had pizza, wine & fun catching up.

Saturday morning – the girls & I woke up to SNOW. 

 20120124-121202.jpgwe trekked over to Faneuil Hall for lunch & shopping.

20120124-121210.jpgNed Devine’s was empty given the weather but excellent.  Panini, sweet potato fries, and a glass of sauv blanc. yes please.

20120124-121216.jpgKatie & Lisa

20120124-121224.jpgKatie & I

We even picked out Lisa’s outfit for her engagement photos. Though I failed to document that, there will be plenty of pics of it at some point 🙂

Saturday night, we had a drink at my apt with JT, had him snap this pic of us & all headed to dinner.  

Dinner was at Panza, which is my favorite place in the North End. Even with a reservation, the wait was 45 minutes. Obnoxious but the food is worth it. I always forget how frustrating that is, especially since I have little patience.  Oops.

Still, I had a fabulous weekend with the girls. So much fun. Might take me til next weekend to recover though.


how was your weekend?

anyone want to come do the mountain of laundry I have waiting for me? 😉

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so so happy its Friday.

a few awesome things about today:

1. JT fixed/insulated/got magical with the heating system in my apt.

20120120-152014.jpgthis is the ghetto, half-ass heater that hates me and refuses to get my apt to an acceptable temperature.

(I’ve had it “fixed” twice and replaced once already, yet I still need a space heater and sleep in my compression socks)

20120120-152022.jpgand this is my fabulous boyfriend, who showed up with all sorts of insulating/foamfilling/cold air stopping stuff, took things apart, sprayed/filled/who knows what else.

and now it is warm.

(warm=happy alli)


2. I am sore, in the best way possible

yesterday kicked my ass and I feel great about it.


3. embracing the rest day

I came to work today with a bag of gym clothes & every intention to do a few easy miles at lunchtime. I’m tired. No, thanks.  


4.  pizza & parents

my parents are coming in tonight to hang out with my friends and they’re bringing pizza. Town Spa Pizza to get specific. SO GOOD. can’t wait.


5. THESE GIRLS will be here in just a few hours.

(since there isn’t a decent pic of all three of us on the internet?!) 

this might be from 2008, but I love it

July 2011

I’m excited. Can’t sit still. Need the work day to be over. Wine please.


who has fun weekend plans?! I want to hear about ’em

. \\

ps. I would like this to happen except with lisa too. love & a dance party


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i’ll take it

17 degrees and 5mph wind. I’ll take it!

(soooo much better than yesterday)

this morning I put on:
running tights
 run swiftly long sleeve shirt
philly half long sleeve
blue lulu jacket
compression socks
regular socks

oh I bundled for sure and then.. I busted out 9 miles before work.

average pace around 9:56. I’ll take that too.

20120119-150048.jpgthe charles is starting to freeze!

you know what my favorite part of winter running is?

 20120119-150057.jpgmy water stays cold.

It may be 17 degrees outside, but I’m hot & sweating.  Cold water – soo good.

I might’ve also gone to the 12:00 power yoga class at the gym too.  It can only help, right?!  Afterwards, I realized that I did about 2.5 hours worth of workouts before 1:00 today.  ha. 

 tomorrow might need to be a easy day 🙂


that’s all I got.  I’m having a really hard time focusing on anything right now.
is it time to go home yet?  hurrah thurs nights.
is it tomorrow yet? yayyy katie and lisa.


 love thurs nights?  have fun weekend plans?  cant sit still for no reason at all? 


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