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After my little trek  (and by trek I mean slightly out of my way) to get orthotics last night, I was pretty productive. 

productive makes me weirdly happy. sometimes I put things on my to-do list, just to get the satisfaction of deleting them an hour later. ridiculous I know. 

Did laundry, made some hummus & threw together a quick dinner

I got that Quinoa/Rice blend at HLS & had yet to use it.

I got tons of groceries delivered.  I only needed a handful of specific things that Whole Foods wouldn’t have, so I ordered Peapod. If I’m paying a delivery fee, I’m stocking up on lots of heavy things, and really.. anything that’s less expensive.  oops.

 Now that I have excessive amounts of food, I must cook right?

20111130-155455.jpg11 pm sounds like the perfect time to chop veggies & prep the crock pot for today’s all day adventure


Veggies chopped, dry ingredients measured, wet ingredients out.  Ready for some early morning throw-together.

20111130-155510.jpgPretty excited for this when I get home tonight. 

Crock Pot Lentil Sweet Potato Soup

I have no idea what possessed me to make this, but it looks healthy & delicious. Maybe just because its made in the crock pot. Loving it lately.  Seriously though.. let’s hope I like lentils.  

20111130-155441.jpglast night’s leftovers for lunch today


Nov 30th huh? Do I have to recap my Nov goals?  Probably.

Did I meet my goals? Not exactly.

1. PR at the Philly Half Marathon –  Fail. No explanation necessary. Ugh.

2. Yoga once a week – No. I went to yoga once. Just 1 time. I was too focused on running/being injured to get there again.  

3. Shred in the AM – Negative.  I did the Shred once. At night. I suck.

4.  Start my Christmas shopping – At least I got this one?! It didn’t take much effort though. Yes I started.      Surprise! I finished too. That’s kind of exciting.

November was NOT awesome goal-wise, but it was a pretty good month in general. December will be even better 🙂


What were your Nov highlights?

 any crock-pot recommendations for me?


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foot update!

Today was my long-awaited Doctor’s appointment!

Plantar Fasciitis? No

Stress Fracture? Probably not

there were X-rays. normal ones.

She thinks I “strained” something. I should get Powerstep orthotics. That’s the only recommendation I got.
AND – if it’s rested & feels okay, I can attempt to start running again.

Unfortunately, I made the awesome decision today to walk to work in flats (not sneakers) so I wouldn’t say it feels okay.

Soon though. 🙂

After work, I went to the running store to pick up the orthotics. Fanueil Hall was all lit up & pretty Christmas market
obviously applicable since it was 65 degrees today.

I’m excited to test the foot but definitely nervous that I’m going to make it worse. Just the idea of being able to run makes me want to register for tons of races. One step at a time..

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decorating part 2

I love Sundays.

This morning I got up, got my tree from the car, & attempted round 2 of decorating my apartment.

new tree! with legs
pre-lit and everything plus it was only $40. Score.

christmas ornaments in a bowl? obviously festive. where did I get these? santa looves scotch.
cinnamon pastry coffee & candy cane seltzer.
tastes like christmas to me 🙂

so much progress. 🙂
now I just need to wrap gifts for underneath.

weird that I’m not interested in christmas music yet?
I keep thinking about putting it on and end up listening Gaga Thanksgiving instead. oops.

I’m heading to my sister’s to watch the game.
perfect sunday.

how was the weekend?
anyone brave black friday?!

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This afternoon, I got all excited to break out my xmas decorations.

This is what my apt looks like before:

this is the corner where my lil fake tree is going

anyone see anything missing?!
umm.. no legs.
apparently 2 years ago, I decided not to pack the legs that make the tree stand up. awesome
New plan –  I’ll hit Christmas Tree Shop on my way south this evening & get some fun new stuff.
So yeah my apartment pretty much still looks normal. 😦  Part 2 tomorrow hopefully.
and why am I heading south again so soon?
10 year reunion tonight.
1. I’m old.
2. reunions are awkward.
I’m hoping its fun. There are a lot of people that I’m excited to catch up with.
I don’t know if it can rival last night though.
JT & I met up with a bunch of his friends at Scholar’s.  They’re a great crew, lots of fun.
hi Scott!
have a fabulous Saturday friends!

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turkey dinner

Just a few photos of yesterday’s dinner. 

sweet potatoes. my favorite 🙂

mashed potatoes

turtle cheesecake. that screams thanksgiving. no? i didn't think so either.

delicious. 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’m hanging out at the parent’s house for a few days.

Luckily, they have an elliptical, so I got a great workout in this morning. (since I still can’t run)  Did I mention this elliptical is in my old bedroom? Oh, yeah. They turned it into a gym. There’s a NordicFlex in there too. ha.

Breakfast this morning was seriously gourmet.
Mom made Chocolate & Cheese Danish.

fresh out of the oven

holy deliciousness


Hope everyone has a great holiday filled with family, football and fantastic food!


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this week

Now that Philly is over, I officially have zero races on the calendar. Weird. I don’t love it. I have lots that I want to register for but really.. I should wait until I can run before I commit to & spend money on more races.

The foot has been feeling a lot better. I think due to the fact that I haven’t run since Thursday, when that didn’t go well & I’ve been wearing sneakers a LOT.

yeah, that happened

I’ve definitely been taking it easy, trying to let it heal. Though, dropping from working out 4 days a week to doing nothing hasn’t been fun. I’m going a little stir crazy. I need to do somethingg.

Since its been feeling better and the elliptical was successful last week, I figured its a safe option for the time being. I got in 45 minutes yesterday and it felt awesome to break a sweat. Plus it was pain-free 🙂  So, I’m going to stick with the elliptical and maybe some yoga until I see the doctor next week.

Does anyone else feel like it’s not really Thanksgiving? I don’t know what was supposed to trigger Thanksgiving-season in my head, but it didn’t register. Maybe it’s because the holiday is super low-key this year? I don’t know. I’m excited for it nonetheless.

Other things I’m excited for this week:
my hair is getting darker today
heading out to the parents tomorrow
thanksgiving – obviously
mani-pedi’s with mom & sister on Friday
10 year high school reunion? not sure if excited is accurate… but I am going.
putting up my xmas decorations. thats happening. this weekend 🙂


this is my excited face

what are you guys excited for this week? any fun plans?

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