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september summer.

I got up this morning to do an 8 miler. Its the end of September right? I don’t have to get up early to beat the sun, heat, etc. uhh. not exactly. I headed out around 11 and it was definitely summer out.  So it wasn’t 80 but still.. it was hot.

It looked like fall but it sure doesn’t feel like  it. I cursed myself a bit for not going earlier but really.. running in the 70s can only help me be faster in cooler temps, right?


recap on my goals for September –

1. yoga once a week –  remember when I said “this month I will do it. Its on my calendar for twice a week, so I have ZERO excuses not to accomplish this”  FAIL. I didn’t go even once.  its time to retire yoga from the goals. maybe it’ll actually happen if I don’t speak of it?!

2. stay in Boston (post labor day) – Pretty much. I ran off to NY for 1 weekend night, because well really I missed my friends. Otherwise, I was here, hanging out, doing Boston-y things.

3. farmer’s market – lame. I didn’t even try.

4. sleep more – HA.  again Fail. I probably slept less this month than well.. ever. bad plan alli, bad plan.

5. watch football  – this I did. go me.  I even managed a baseball game too. sweeet.


September wasn’t awesome, but it was good.   I have a feeling October is going to be great 🙂


how was everyone else’s September? 


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different person?

I spent 4 years in NY. I loved the city, the energy, pretty much everything about it. I missed it after only a few days.


I went back this past weekend & it all felt different. I honestly thought NY would always have that magic, but this time I just didn’t feel it.

I still love my friends, please don’t confuse the two. I had a great time with them, I just wasn’t feeling the city in the same way. Maybe it wasn’t the city’s fault, maybe my head was just in the wrong place. But I didn’t feel at home there. I couldn’t even imagine myself living there.

via pinterest

Why did I feel so out of place?

How did it feel right for so long?

Have I really changed that much?

Was I really a different person then?

Maybe the love will reemerge next time?

I hope.

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As I mentioned yesterday – it was Christina’s birthday

You remember her. She’s fabulous.

She ran the Thompson Island 4K with me.

 us with Bill 🙂 

Last night to celebrate, I met up with her & her boyfriend Adam for some cocktails

cheers guys.  how cute are they?

Adam & I – I’ve actually known him forever.  He’s how Christina & I became friends.

After cocktails, we met up with a few of her friends for dinner at Border Cafe. It was excellent, probably the best mexican I’ve had in Boston yet. Plus, they got some Pinkberry to bring home. What more can a girl ask for?!


Hope you had a good birthday my dear!


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and I’m back!

I’m back from NY!

Friday – we went to Barrio Chino for dinner. I took all of 3 pictures.

these drink menus were on the back of corona boxes. ha.

could you two be any cuter?

pretty friends


Sunday – there was lots of beer. football in brooklyn with the ladiesand more pretty friends.


Monday – I met up with Lissy for lunch & stopped by the old office to say hello.

20110927-223259.jpgthen I grabbed this & trekked to half the H&M’s in the city looking for boots

No dice. very sad.

20110927-223316.jpglove Madison Square Park.

Met Lauren for a drink at Markt.


Photos? wine yes. Lauren no. Obviously that makes sense..

Then, there was this.

20110927-223329.jpgcheck out this wall. so fun.

I met my friend Ken for a drink at Revival on 15th btwn Third & Irving.

Obviously I didn’t take any pictures of him or the super cute patio but this I got.

Considering I was there for almost 4 days, picture fail. But I saw lots of fun people, ate some great food & somehow managed go hangover free.

Success 🙂


& Happy Birthday Christina!!

hope you had a fantastic day. (pics of tonight, tomorrow :))

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When I arrived at HLS, I knew nothing about Attune Foods. I got to try a few of their products while I was there and was definitely intrigued.  Simple Ingredients, Simply Made.  Sounds perfect right?

So when they offered to send me some cereal – umm. yes please?!

I got the Uncle Sam Honey Almond & a box of the Erewhon Strawberry (that I’ll review another day)

Their description of the Uncle Sam Honey Almond:

“She’s buzzing with flavor and is a popular guest at the breakfast table. This belle of the breakfast is all dolled up, wearing her sliced California almonds and gushing of clover honey. Her honeyed replies smack of high protein, high fiber, and of course, good taste.”

I’m not quite that creative with my words..  I don’t eat cereal for breakfast often because it usually can’t keep me full until lunch. This one could.  I’m impressed.  It was sweet, crunchy, and guilt-free. Its good with milk and I would bet it would be good with yogurt too. Next time!

I love that I can count the ingredients on my fingers and even better, I can pronounce them all.

doesn’t that just look delicious?

It was 🙂



Disclaimer: While I did not have to pay for this product, the opinions are my own. I believe in honest reviews

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you look happy today

oh hello friends.

I heart WiFi. It makes me really happy that I can blog from the bus.


(ps. when did Bolt get fancy leather seats? why don’t I remember that?)

I’m currently en route to NYC. I haven’t been since May (is that even right?) so I’m super excited. I planned this trip on weird days in hopes that being around on weekdays would let me catch up with the people I don’t usually get to see.

Plus staying in Boston until this afternoon ensured I got my run in this morning. Sometimes I’m motivated?

I got in about 7.5 miles this morning. I somehow managed to turn off my running app mid-run so I’m not sure of exact distance or pace 😦 It got done though. That’s all that really matters, especially after a lazy week.

20110924-134817.jpggloomy but not raining!


I grabbed a few packets of these at the expo for the Half back in August. I took this one with me this morning just in case.  They were delicious, definitely tasted like candy. I think Gu is still my preferred mid-run fuel though. These didn’t sit as well.


I love that this is painted on the running path. I was seriously struggling by the time I got to it, so it made me smile.

A few other things that made me smile today:

  • catching up with mama mac.  Normally, if my phone rings pre-9am on Saturday, I’d be less than thrilled & probably concerned. But today, loved it.  We don’t get to chat nearly enough, so 45 minutes this morning was ah-mazing. 🙂
  • not sharing a seat. bus isn’t full so I have space. so nice.
  • this view.  one of my friends just bought an apt so we had lunch on her roof the other day. gorgeous.


  • that I’m going to see most of these kids this weekend. sooo soon.
  • Ali ran a marathon!! and had a fabulous friend keeping everyone up to date on twitter. I don’t actually know Ali but I’ve been reading her blog, following her training for months. So happy for her!
  • the guy at the Cosi register. I grabbed a sandwich quick to bring on the bus. He asked me how I was – twice. I gave the standard “good how are you?” He smiled and said “you know, you look happy today” yes sir, you are absolutely correct. I am happy today.
whats on tap for the weekend?

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off balance

I don’t usually have much trouble keeping myself in check. I plan my workouts, make food, and drink when it won’t interfere with my runs.

The last week or so though.. its been tough.

20110921-102829.jpgthere has been a lot of this, which let’s be serious.. I feel great about.

until I didn’t work out Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. not ideal. my routine is off balance.

Yesterday, I got this in the mail though. 

(These shirts are part of Ali’s fundraising effort for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. She’s running the Hampton’s Marathon this weekend – amazing.)


I do heart sweat.  Can’t let myself get caught up and get lazy.

even if the view looks like this..

the view from the seats on Monday. unreal.

so yeah Monday’s lack of sweat, worth it. Sunday & Tuesday not so much.

I have plans pretty much every night this week, so if I want to get a run in, I need to get it in before work. Nothing about this sounds balanced.. right?  Tired sounds more like it.

This morning was rough. Not going to lie. It wasn’t pretty. But I got up and ran. Tomorrow I will attempt it again.


it was foggy and 60°, kind of perfect. How cool does the sky look?


.anyany wise advice on how to keep the balance?

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