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I love the weekends so much. Makes me sad when they end.

This weekend was wonderful..

Thursday afternoon my office had our “summer outing”.



softball game on the Common


followed by a few glasses of sangria.  How do you beat that on a Thurs afternoon?


Then I caught the train down to meet a few old high schools friends for dinner.

sooo much fun!  must do it again soon! (hi linds!)

(Tiff, stole your photo. hope that’s ok!)


Friday – I did my last long run!

It was uglyyy.  No photos since really there was nothing photo-worthy about it.

12 miles. I started late. My head wasn’t in it.  It rained 3 separate times.  I stopped to walk a few times.



Then Friday redeemed itself. I had a car (yayyy!!) so I went to Trader Joe’s.

Spent a lot of money. Got a TON of stuff. AMAZING.


I headed out to the Cape. Picked up Breen at the bus. and the weekend begins all over again.

Breen & I made dinner for my parents. holy wonderfulness.

spinach salad

italian fries – MAKE THESE.

sooo good

bruschetta topping

turkey burgers

finished product. Mozzarella Stuffed Bruschetta Turkey Burger

when you say turkey burger, this is not what anyone thinks of.


that was Friday.


rest of the weekend:

i love the view from the deck. gorgeous.

pretty sure I can’t live without tomatoes. or my mother’s panzanella salad.

corn=summer 🙂



and now, I’m back in Boston.

not exactly ready for another week, feeling fantastic after a great weekend.



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as I mentioned yesterday, I slacked on my run so I had to go this morning. I’m a week & a half from the race and every ounce of my being wanted to stay in bed.  You would think I would be more motivated. Nope.  I got up, not exactly on time, but did it anyway.

and then I was craving fruit. hardcore. specifically – watermelon.  random?! yes.

so I strolled through Whole Foods on my way to work & picked some up. I am that ridiculous girl at work. 2 giant tubs of fruit. coffee and seltzer. perfection.

I failed to mention last night that I was attempting tofu for the first time. In the slow cooker. So I woke up this morning to the smell of tonight’s dinner. not bad.  I used Mama Pea’s recipe pretty loosely.  I ran out of bbq sauce so I used half bbq sauce, half salsa, threw in a chopped onion, and some frozen bell peppers.  I probably should’ve made sure I had the ingredients before I started. Oops.

Regardless, it was decent. Not awesome, but what can you do?

so that was dinner tonight. then I made CCK’s Frozen Hot Chocolate. holy ridiculous. this was good. so good that I just ate it and didn’t take any pictures. oops. fail.

but I did manage to take a pic of my nails.  Age appropriate? definitely not. Fun? absolutely.

Really excited that its practically the weekend.  Tomorrow is the company softball outing at work. So we head to the Common at 11:30am & hang out all day.  Dinner with two fabulous old friends tomorrow night.  Friday – my last long run (!!!) and then Breen arrives for the weekend at the Cape.  Yayyy!

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Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week. I know, I know, everyone hates Mondays. I think Tuesdays are worse.

Mondays – the weekend is over, back to the work week, but at least its the start of something fresh & new. No?

Tuesdays – I’m still anti-work-week, I’m back in the routine but not loving it, and the weekend is just too far away. ughhh

I’ll be honest – most of the time, it doesn’t actually bother me. Today though, today, I was grumpy. Grumpy for absolutely no reason.


So, I decided I’d try everything I could think of to snap out of it:

1. mid-afternoon walk & bought some fun nail polish.


apparently, I’m reverting back to 15 years old & metallic/glitter are in.

but at least I didn’t do this.. (though I almost did last night)

actually.. I do still like it.

2. Gym – I was supposed to run 5 miles today, oops. but it rained so at least I did something? I’ll run in the AM.

3. Laundry – clean clothes make everything better.

4. comfort food & root beer – root beer is seriously underrated. so good.

5. made myself a mocktail – well because its tuesday and real cocktails (esp. in my apt alone) are unnecessary.


lemon lime seltzer with splash of lemon juice in a wine glass. 🙂

and finally – I registered for another race!!

Who’s running with me?!

and.. I feel better 🙂

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new quinoa fan

hope everyone had a great weekend!

I made it to the pool, which was fantastic. Went to Sara & Eric’s for dinner, drinks at the Liberty Hotel, met up with Lauren & John and then spent Sunday at the Cape with the fam. 🙂

Friday night – I ate boring pasta because I feel like I need carbs before a long run.

But I had the urge to cook & had seen this Spinach Quinoa Bake on Iowa Girl Eats. I keep meaning to try quinoa, have had it in the cabinet for awhile, so this combo looked perfect.  I messed with the ratios a lil, less quinoa and less cottage cheese, because I didn’t want quite as many servings, but didn’t want to skimp on the veggies.

look mom! new mixing bowls 🙂

I divided this up into 3 servings & had it for lunch today. delic.

I might add more spices next time though.

I felt like I haven’t been around much so there has been lack of cooking in my life lately. It felt awesome to get back in the kitchen.  I may attempt Mama Pea’s Nacho Mmm Sauce tonight just to have in the fridge for tomorrow. mmm.

love that my fridge is stocked and I have a list of recipes to try. 🙂

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It’s entirely possible that I’ve lost my mind, but I’d like to think I’m just motivated & more importantly, committed.

Today was supposed to get up to triple digits, so I got up before the sun (literally) to get in my long run before the heat got intense.

its 5:30ish. i’m sleepy, a lil nervous, and not as excited as I wanted to be, I’ll pretend.

good morning Boston.

approaching haymarketKennedy Greenway by the North End

south station circa 6:10
from Commercial St.

garden & bridgemuseum of science

i love the views from the cambridge side of the river

sky is pretty this morning

oooo  Trader Joe’s. can you even see it? i dont know.

Western Ave. This doesn’t feel like the city anymore. 
back on the Boston side – by BU  & thats the last in-route pic.


yeah. that headband says – no one ever drowned in sweat.

it makes me feel hardcore. and seemed appropriate given the heat.

11 miles done before 8am. hell yeah.

ice. love.

smoothies are the best

use mint extract carefully though- this one tasted a lil like toothpaste. ha.

don’t worry, I drank it anyway.

It just poured outside so I’m pretty excited that I missed that. iphones and rain do not get along well. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. I’m planning on some pool time, so lets hope. I still haven’t been yet. oops. & really I might a nap. might as well get a tan while I recover.

pretty excited to actually be in Boston this weekend. its been awhile.  🙂

happy saturday!! have a fantastic weekend.

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100% Rule

via lettheskybethemoment

we’re about to get a lil heavier than usual. cool?

ok then.

Back in college, I had this friend, a boy, that I was good friends with – read: huge secret crush on.   He was a good guy, fun, cute, blah. blah, blah..  and he needed me. I think that was the kicker,  why I was so into him.   He wanted my advice, my help, and when he needed to talk, I was who he called.

Then one day – I realized he made me feel crap, probably 90% of the time.   

I don’t remember what he did specifically that made me feel bad about myself, but it was there.  He knew how to play me. Yeah – I was the person he called, but probably because I came running.   I’m sure he did actually value my opinion and like spending time with me, but our friendship existed on his terms.  

Once you realize something like that, there is no turning back.  I had no idea why we were friends.  Why would I try so hard to hang out with someone who makes me feel that way? even worse why would I want to date him?! 

pause.           has he always made me feel bad?! we’ve been friends for years…   

and after a few cheap beers cocktails, WAIT! why would I want to hang out with someone who made me feel any less than awesome?!  right?  game over.


Enter the 100% rule. 

At the wise age of 20, I decided that I would only be friends with people who I feel good about 100% of the time.  

Realistically, most people don’t fall into that category. I wasn’t about to cut people out of my life, but I did take a serious look at which friendships I was putting effort into & just being more aware.

and yes – 100% is a bit extreme but it’s more about the mentality & awareness than a number.

Now – its 8 years later and I still keep that in the back of my mind. Its easy to keep doing what you’re doing but I try to make each decision for right reasons and surround myself with the best people possible. Needless to say, my friends are a phenomenal bunch and that guy – well..  I haven’t talked to him since college. 


Some people challenge us to be better versions of ourselves, while others just bring us down.  Who do you want to spend your time with?

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Few reasons why it wasn’t brutal to get back into the groove this time, unlike the last 4 day weekend I had:

1. yeah, I had lots of delicious beverages – but for the most part, I ate like a normal person.

2. 3 day work week. makes me so very happy.

3. I fully cleaned my apt before I left. Coming home was fantastic knowing that my apt was neat & pretty, the dishwasher was clean, the sheets were fresh, and laundry was done.  (I sound like a crazy old lady but I think I’m okay with it..)

4. Back to back nights with friends:

Tuesday after I got back – Lauren & I had a fro-yo date and then did some wine & couch time. nothing makes easing out of vacation mode easier than a bff and wine.

Wednesday – I made the best hummus ever & headed to Christina’s. She supplied delic gala apples for scooping & wine 🙂

20110721-010749.jpgpre-choc chips. please note that I have no idea what it means to peel a chickpea, so that obviously did not happen. I promise its good anyway.


not the best photo – but you get the idea.  it was delicious. MUST TRY THIS!

(and I promise to work on my presentation skills)


and totally unrelated, but I feel like sharing – my fridge struh-ggles since I haven’t been to the grocery store in uh.. a long time.  So in attempts to avoid buying lunch – I pulled this out of the back of my freezer. Forgot it was in there.  intrigued.



I can’t describe how delicious this was. I will buy 4 more next time I make it to Trader Joe’s.  so good.


I have a date with the treadmill tonight. I braved the heat last night for 5 miles, but pretty sure today’s “excessive heat watch” plus the 15-25 mph wind mean I should stay inside.

only 2 more weeks!


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