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things I learned in the last 48 hours:

1. I do not like mango. sad.
2. use xanthan gum sparingly – or smoothie gets as thick as well… gum. gross.
3. tempeh is pretty delic.
4. so is bbq sauce.
5. i’m a sucker for a 40% off deal.    dear banana republic – stop taking all my money. love, alli

and finally.. short weeks are soo much better than full weeks. 
I definitely already knew this, but its been sooo long since I’ve had a day off that I forgot.
just knowing that I don’t have to work a full week again until the end of june puts me a fantastic mood. 🙂
so nice!  4 day weekend. i’m soo ready. 

smoothie this morning was a repeat by definitely one of my faves. this recipe but mixed berries instead of strictly strawberries.  so gooood.  i wanted it to last alll morning. 

as guilty as I felt not running on Monday, I’m really glad that it didn’t. Yesterday was gorgeous and I was really in the mood to run. 
How can you not look forward to this?

One of my favorite things to do while running is people-watch. I pay attention to everyone running around me, everyone thats out walking, etc. Some people look like runners, some people don’t, some runners look like they’re really enjoying themselves and some look like they’re in pain. Now, if you know me, you know that I can’t control the faces I make. So I can NOT imagine what I look like. ha. so I need to be more aware of that, though I’m sure it depends on the day.

I need to squeeze in 2 more runs by Friday since there is really no chance of getting my long run in while at Desantis’s wedding in Raleigh on Saturday. (ahhh yay! soo soon) 
and its gorgeous out again today, so definitely looking forward to tonight.

(When did I become someone who craved a run?!  love it)


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I heart NY

I love NY & even though I don’t live there anymore, I think it will always feel a bit like home.
this weekend was fantastic!
I got in on Friday and had a low key night with a few of the best.

unfortunately, i failed at pics. so this is all i have of the weekend.
Saturday morning Breen & I got up and went running. I forgot how wonderful the West Side Highway is – and did 5 miles!!  I haven’t run that far since I switched to outside, so I was pretty pumped. 🙂
every time I get to a new distance, I feel like a half miight be possible.
I’m not convinced enough to register though.
i do NOT love mondays. today struggled.
plus the fact that I’m going away this weekend again makes this week tough. I probably should have run tonight, but just couldnt bring myself to do it. tomorrow. ugh.
I did make a delic dinner though. inspired by fresheatsntastytreats.
1/3 block tempeh
whole wheat sandwich thin
1 oz shredded cheddar
red onion
bbq sauce. 
lit my mouth on fire a bit. mmmm. 

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Friday :)

today is the last friday for a whole month that I have to work a full day. SCORE. 
I’m going to pretty upset if it stays like this:

while I have summer fridays.  in which case, I’ll be looking for volunteers to join me on every brewery & vineyard tour that I can find in the Boston area.

I’ve been a little slow on the posting. sorryyyy

so! things i did this week –
lots of yoga – I keep saying I’m going to incorporate yoga into my workouts. its about time.
actually got up to run before work – I probably set my alarm twice a week every week, this is the first time since I moved that I actually got my ass out of bed. WIN
attempted a spinach artichoke turkey meatloaf – this combo does not exist on the internet (i looked)  it was good but needs a little work before its worth sharing.
had Sara & Abby over for dinner – so fun!  made these veggie enchiladas & you need to too. delic.
made an amazing smoothie – I used mixed berries instead of just strawberries tho so mine was purple. SO GOOD

and this weekend I’m heading back to NY to hang out with these kids.  excitement

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Baby Mac!

Charles Hillen Macsherry arrived this morning & I couldn’t be more excited.
obsessed. already.  one pic & i’m in love.

Congrats you two!   You’re going to make the best parents.
Love you guys!

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Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural David D. Main Memorial Golf Tournament.
The rain stopped just in time for an afternoon of great golf & great people.  
Huge success!

Just a few of the many photos of the day
Saturday, I ran the CapeAbilities 5K. 
gooood morning. i’m sleepy but exciiited
Let’s just say it was a phenomenal first race.  I was worried about pacing myself – since I really don’t and I have no idea how face I run once I get off the treadmill.
I’m pretty sure I run slow. I was thinking it would take me around 33 min, figuring just over 10 min miles. I was thrilled when I got to the finish & realized.  
I felt like rockstar for the rest of the weekend 🙂   (ill spare you the after photo. smiled so hard I practically strained my neck muscles. fail. need to stop doing that)
Race 2 only a few weeks away
and on Friday – I made my first green monster
frozen berry blend – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
unsweetened applesauce
chocolate whey protein powder
almond milk
vanilla extract
getting hooked on smoothies. get ready for it. 
hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and painless monday.   1 day closer to the weekend!!

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soo many veggies

once upon a time, not thaatt long ago, there wasn’t a single vegetable I would eat. I existed on bread, chicken and sugar, pretty much exclusively.
well apparently, that girl is gone.
tonight’s dinner – amazing. almost entirely veggies.

it was delicious.
salad – baby spinach, grape tomatoes, shredded mozzarella, walnuts, balsamic vinegar.
 giant sweet potato sliced up, sprayed with some PAM and sprinkled with garam masala.
(i actually had no idea what garam masala tasted like, but it was in the cabinet) SCORE.
veggies were necessary after having leftovers of last nights doughy deliciousness for lunch today. 
i’m fully slacking on running updates.  well because.. i’m slacking on running.  I ran a fantastic 4 miles on Friday and haven’t been out since.  fail.   but first 5K on saturdayyy. excited.
I did, however, break out the yoga dvd today & now I feel fantastic. really need to do it more often.
what ever happened to may flowers? april showers need to go.  and who knew boston was a crazy windy city?!  I need that to stop. annoyinggg.
lets fast forward to the part where its pretty and warmish spring. thankssss
oh! and the muffins I made last night. pretty good sans sugar. lil bit of peanut butter & makes for an excellent at work breakfast. 🙂

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productive day! made breakfast and dinner. aaand breakfast for tomorrow!
new smoothie!
1 6oz container FAGE greek yogurt
handful of ice
1 cup frozen blueberries
splash of vanilla extract
smaller splash almond extract
2 tbsp slivered almonds
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
new cup!  smoothie came to work with me today

I had to wing dinner tonight. pizza dough was defrosted and really needed to be used. sooo. stromboli?  I don’t even know what to call it. completely made this up.

doesn’t look so awesome
1 lb whole wheat pizza dough
1/2 can diced tomatoes with green chilis
1 link trader joe’s sweet basil pesto sausage, cooked & sliced
3 oz part skim mozzarella, shredded
roll out dough on floured surface – divide in 4 portions
divide sausage, cheese, and tomatoes evenly between 4 portions of dough
fold over and seal edges
place on cookie sheet sprayed with PAM
cook about 10 minutes at 425
surprisingly tasted soooo good.  delic.
and then I made muffins for tomorrow. but I might have forgotten to add the sugar (and by might have, I mean I definitely did) so we’ll see how good those are.. eeekkk. 
I went to the Sox game last night for Eric’s birthday.  soo fun!  hope you had a great day!
so many good things coming up in the next month!  yayyyyyy!
margot in boston
CapeAbilities 5K
back to NY round 3
lauren moving to boston
desantis’s wedding
my birthdayyy

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