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one week

its been a week.
how long did I talk about ending up in Boston? forever. its been the plan for as long as I can remember.
and its here.

newest song love.


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i miss youuu


oh NY. love. love. loveburst.

stolen from my new fave blog. http://gatekeeper.tumblr.com/

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(hurrah internet)
I’ve been living my new crazy life for like 48 hours. I’ve been in Boston for 4 days. Just in time for the Pats to lose to the Jets (AWFUL) and a few snowstorms. I picked a terrible time to move North.
regardless.. i’m loving it so far. my apt is amazing. bigger and far more wonderful than 6C.

I have lofty goals for this new life:
LOTS more cooking
read books
light candles
do yoga
half marathon
get comfortable at the new job
try lots of new fun restaurants
go skydiving (dont tell my parents)

love it.

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happy packing


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big changes for 2011.  
new year, new life.  cant wait!

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