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moving forward

Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be. ~Robert Brault

i love this.  i’m on my way.  my life is fantastic and great for who i am now, but its not the life i want. i spent friday in the boston office and had a ball. if only there was a need for me to be there all the time.  amazing that a rainy, hectic day that began on a 6:55am train has me so looking forward to living there.   made me even more confident that boston is right next step for me. 

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there are so many things i love about fall. FOOTBALL. the fact that we have a fantasy league. red wine. sweaters. leggings. boots. cider…    YAY! 

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moods sneak up on me. tonight i feel phenomenal.  so many things inspire me:

my sister.
good music. – basia, john mayer, marina.
new york.
idea of boston.

makes me want to find the balance in eating pizza, meditation, and fall in love.      in love with this book.

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